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Death of a Car Salesman Recap

Five Years Ago

Boss meets with Beanpole Bob, aka Martin Roberts, who says that his formula for Utopium needs some work. His superior tells him to work and change his shirt, and stop sampling his product.

One Year Later

Martin takes some samples of his new Utopium and hides it in a drawer, then calls a friend, Hal, and sets up an appointment to take the new batch for a spin. He meets with Hal and they sample the Utopium in the back of a van. As Martin takes the Utopium, his eyes turn red and he attacks Hal.

Present Day

Liv goes to Martin Roberts' home and tells him that she's his daughter. Martin says that it's unbelievable, and Liz explains that she's the assistant to the medical examiner. He tells Liv that he's sober now, and Liv gets a text summoning her to work. Liv suggests that they get some coffee later, and Martin agrees. As she goes, Martin tells her that he's glad she found him.

As they go into the morgue, Liv tells Martin that she could tell Martin was his father because of his resemblance to Evan. Ravi tells them that he's made the best melted cheese ev3er made, and it has the brain of car salesman Rick Randall, who worked at the Margo Ball dealership. Rick Randall supposedly committed suicide by drawing his car off of a bridge, but Clive has a call that Rick made to his wife saying that the car was driving itself. Clive explains that Rick had a car with a self-drive setting, and someone may have hacked it. He tells Ravi to save some brain for Liv, and gives both of them raffle tickets for the annual department raffle.

Liv eats Rick's brain and tells Ravi, who says that he's the current sales leader. She complains that he's cheated, and Liv says that she's ten times the salesman he is.

Clive talks to Rick's wife, Gina. She says that Rick and all of the salesmen were backstabbers. Liv comes in and says that they want to give the killer the death penalty. Ravi comes in and starts questioning Gina about the life insurance she and Rick took out. Clive orders them out and Ravi says that he trusted his gust and checked the life policy. Liv says that she's a closer and will get Gina to confess. Vampire Steve comes in and says that the self-drive system was hacked, and anyone with access to the factory settings could have done it. He warns that he'll need the host computer, and Liv and Clive both try to sell him raffle tickets.

Don E finds Blaine in his basement and discovers that he's redecorated with the money he made from the Freylich sale. He tells Don E to find their old friend Dalton Earl Duke, and suggests that they have some quality time. Don E points out that he's running the bar, now Don E Be Good, and suggests that Blaine can work in the back to lie low. Blaine isn't interested.

Doctor Bisho0p meets with Corporal Jones, who says that he has flu symptoms. Bishop checks Jones and doesn't get a pulse, and Jones scratches him and tells him that he's a zombie and he needs to do exactly what Jones says if he wants to survive.

That night at home, Ravi welcomes Peyton back. She says that she's convinced top military and political representatives to come to town and see that zombies aren’t killing people, but it won't work if Major's plan doesn't succeed. Ravi tries to sell her raffle tickets, but Peyton tells him that she already bought some from Liv.

Major tells Liv that Mills' daughter has disappeared. Ravi and Peyton come out to watch the premiere of Hi, Zombie. In the show, a human couple comes over to see the zombie couple and everyone laughs.

The entourage arrives at a checkpoint on the wall. Once they get to FG, Major explains his plan to have a free zombie state on an island in the Puget Sound. They're looking to relocate all 10,000 zombies to it. Senator Hoover says that his voters won't want their money spent on it, but Peyton is with Major and points out that it will sell the planet.

Dalton offers Blaine brain steroids, and he insists that his product works and he doesn't smuggle brains anymore. Blaine says that he needs to talk to Dalton's associates in the brain black market and writes down a figure. Dalton reads the figure and says that he'll make the call.

Four Years Earlier

Scott E goes to Martins lab and sees a note that he wrote down saying he'll be back later. He grabs Bob's new drugs, goes up, and tells a waiting Blaine and Don E that they have drugs to sell and there's a party at the Max Rager yacht.

Present Day

At the morgue, a suited-wearing Ravi is trying to track down anything relating to "Beanpole Bob" between 2014 and 2015. Liv comes in wearing a suit and flashing a roll of money she's made selling raffle tickets. Ravi explains that he has someone in Vice looking for Bob and a possible zombie cure. He also has the name of one kid in Seattle with Freylich. Liv tells him that she saves plenty of lives. Martin comes in and introduces himself, and says that he's trying to make up for a 30-year-0absence with one hot dog. Once he and Liv leave, Ravi calls Darcy's dorm room and learns that she dropped out.

Liv and Martin go to the park and Martin talks about all of the death and suffering that he saw. He sniffs and claims that it's allergies, and tells Liv that he admires that she's publicly a zombie. Liv realizes that he's a zombie as well, and they compare stories about how they became zombies. As they walk away from the hot dog stand, Liv tells Martin that she knows he's still on Utopium. Martin says that Liv was the reason he needed to kick Utopium once and for all. Liv wonders why she would be a reason now if she wasn't when she was born, and walks away.

At FG, Mills talks to Major privately. Major claims that Sloane didn't want to be there. Mills reminds Major that they agreed Sloane would be there, and says that the zombies are terrorists taking hostage. Now that Major can't produce Sloane, Mills is going to bomb Seattle out of existence.

At the station, Liv describes what happened to Ravi. All of the salesmen are there, and Ravi wants to talk to them. Clive refuses, and takes Liv with him to talk to the general manager, Teddy Fischer. Teddy tries to sell Clive a car, and says that Rick was the best salesman at the dealership. Rick always won, driving Stu Solano crazy because he already came in second. Gina used to go out with Stu. Liv notices through the window that Ravi is talking to Stu.

Clive and Liv bring Stu in, who says that Rick cheated and as far as he's concerned, he won. He dismisses Gina as a "demo", and suggests that Teddy killed Rick since Rick wanted his job. Liv has a memory flash of a salesman, Jack Klein, being fired. Stu confirms that Jack used to work for the dealership and got fired a year ago.

Blaine meets with Dalton's associates and invites them to smuggle in living subjects. He hands out slips with the names of the Freylich teenagers. Dalton privately warns Blaine that he may need to pay more to have the smugglers bring in covers. They haggle and agree on Blaine paying an extra $10,000 a head.

Liv and Clive go to see Jack, and Liv asks her friend how many people who have been heavily addicted for 30 years turn themselves around. Clive says that he hasn't seen many. Jack's daughter Emily answers the door on her way to field hockey, and admits she wasn't thrilled about Rick. Once she leaves, Liv and Clive talk to Jack as his wife Margaret looks on. Jack says that Margo Ball was toxic and everyone there were jerks, and he came back home and could see his daughter more often. Clive follows up on a comment that Jack made about Gina in Liv's memory-flash, and Jack tells them that Gina was two-timing Rick with Teddy.

Crybaby Carl brings Darcy to Blaine and says that Ravi called her dorm. Blaine advises her to lay low at Don E's place. She isn't interested, and Blaine suggests that she go to the Scratching Station.

At the station, Clive figures that they should call Gina and Teddy back in. Liv suspects Jack, and Ravi comes in and says that he had a memory-flash of Rick finding someone smashing his windshield. Ravi and Liv both hit Clive for more raffle tickets, but he refuses and leaves. Liv remembers that she has more tickets.

Don E comes out of the bathroom after cleaning the toilets, and tells Candy that owning the bar sucks because he has to do grunt work. There's a love song playing on the jukebox. Don E hates it and Darcy says that she likes it and Don E stares at her, enraptured. He recognizes her tattoo as the one the matchmaker told him about was his soulmate. Candy explains that Darcy is Blaine's Freylich girl and she'll soon be dead.

Clive tells Liv and Ravi that Rick made an insurance claim after his windshield was smashed, and someone used a rounded club like a field hockey stick. He suggests that Emily killed Rick, and was expelled from college a year ago for computer hacking. Clive leaves to "close" the arrest. He brings Emily in, and Emily admits that she smashed Rick's windshield because he ruined Jack's life. Clive notes that she hacked the USC blimp. Liv and Clive watch from the observation gallery, and Liv says that Clive solved the case, not Ravi. Ravi tells her that he's sold more tickets and Liv warns him that he has two hours.

Jack arrives in the squad room and says that he hacked Rick's car and killed him. Liv, Ravi, and Clive come out. Clive doesn't believe that Jack has the technical knowledge to do it, and Jack describes what he did to Vampire Steve. Jack says that he3'll write it all down as long as he can talk to his daughter.

Later, Liv meets with Martin and discusses rehab with him. Martin agrees to do it and says that Liv is a good person and good people can't help themselves.

Bishop checks the representatives and infects Hoover, and then gives him a kit to let him pass as human and keep his condition secret. He tells Hoover that they work for him now, and Hoover leaves with the rest of the entourage.

At the bar, Darcy tells Don E to put something on the jukebox so she can make fun of his songs. He tells her that he's busy, and Darcy tells him to have a nice life. As Darcy walks away, Don E explains that the matchmaker knew a girl that was perfect for him. He points out that she's going to die from Freylich, but Darcy figures that they should rock out before they clock out. Don E agrees and Darcy says that she always wanted to be in a bar fight. He puts "his" song and bumps into a couple of customers, starting a bar fight. Touched, Darcy kisses him.

At the morgue, Liv tells Ravi that she's seeing Ravi. Clive comes in with the prize: a mountain bike. He tells them that they tied and quickly leaves. Neither one of them want it and Ravi ends up with it.

Martin watches the documentary on the Renegade operation. Enzo comes in and tells him that Riley got Jones out of the city to infect Hoover. He sees the documentary and warns that he doesn't want to see a conflict of interest. Martin tells Enzo that he knows what he's doing.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 21, 2019

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