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Billy goes to a "top man" to figure out how to deal with Translucent's impenetrable skin. Madelyn seeks leverage on a Senate committee chairman, and Homelander begins acting on his own.


By Gadfly on Aug 4, 2019

Billy tells Jack to help him haul Translucent's body away before the police arrive. Cursing, Jack helps Billy and they drive away. Billy explains that he's worked for a lot of government agencies and he's an independent contractor. They hear Translucent moving in the trunk and Billy says that it's a problem. Jack is relieved that they didn't murder Translucent, and Billy tells him that Translucent has seen their faces. The younger man says that he can't do it and tells Billy to let him out, and…

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Episode Discussion

gazza911 posted 7 months ago

The 'solution' to their problem was pretty simple really, that you could figure it one immediately.

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