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Cherry Recap

Billy tells Jack to help him haul Translucent's body away before the police arrive. Cursing, Jack helps Billy and they drive away. Billy explains that he's worked for a lot of government agencies and he's an independent contractor. They hear Translucent moving in the trunk and Billy says that it's a problem. Jack is relieved that they didn't murder Translucent, and Billy tells him that Translucent has seen their faces. The younger man says that he can't do it and tells Billy to let him out, and Billy tells him that if he walks away then Jack will never get payback for Robin. Jack hesitates and Billy says that he knows a top man who will know what to do.

The next morning, Billy drives to a place in the ghetto. A woman, Cherry, answers the door and strokes Jack's face, and then takes them to Frenchie. Frenchie is busy checking guns, and says that it's good to see Billy. He asks for the money that Billy owes him, and Billy asks if he wants to double his money. Frenchie draws a gun on them and asks who Jack is, and Billy says that Hughie and they're working a job together. When the other man isn't impressed, Billy asks if he wants to know what the job is or not.

The three men go out to the car and Billy tells Frenchie to open the trunk while testing the cattle prod he's holding. Frenchie opens the trunk and Translucent curses at them until Billy shocks him. Shocked, Frenchie realizes that they have Translucent in the trunk, and tells Billy at gunpoint to go away, figuring that Homelander is on his way. Billy points out that Translucent knows what Frenchie looks like now.

Madelyn and Ashley watch a video of A-Train meeting with a cancer patient, Colby, who would rather have "his" hero Translucent there. It doesn't go well, and Madelyn reminds Ashley that A-Train needs to be scripted. She then wonders where Translucent is, and tells Ashley to find him because he has a team-up with the Deep the next night. Once Ashley leaves, Madelyn gets a call.

At the Seven Tower, Starlight tries to talk with Black Noir. He isn't interested in talking with her or shaking her hand, and walks away. Ashley greets Starlight and introduces Trevor from Crime Analytics, and explains that they're sending Starlight on a team-up patrol the next night. Trevor gives her a crime itinerary so she can find the bad guys, and Ashley insists that Starlight follow it so she doesn't nab the wrong person. The Deep is going with Starlight, and Ashley explains that it was going to be Translucent but they want to get Starlight out there. Ashley says that people love a team up so it has to be a team up.

Billy, Jack, and Frenchie drive to an abandoned restaurant in Jersey City, and Jack and Frenchie unload cases from the back of Frenchie's van. They go inside and Jack puts up tape to block the chip on Translucent's body. Billy has wired up a cage and put Translucent inside. When Translucent wakes up, he soon discovers the bars are charged. He offers his captors money, and Billy says that they don't want his money as they leave. Outside, they try to work out how to pierce Translucent's carbon-covered skin. Jack is shocked that they're going to kill Translucent rather than question him, and points out that Jack can't avenge Robin if the Seven wipe him out. He insists that he's not a murderer, and Billy says that he is.

Madelyn breast-bumps and watches a news report of the Deep saying that he's found the mayor's plane and there were no survivors. Homelander comes in and he says that it's amazing that a woman her age can have a baby. He asks if she's found Translucent, and offers to search for him personally. Madelyn says that it's not necessary, and asks if he heard about the mayor. Homelander tells her that he heard the plane went down due to engine trouble, and Madelyn says that the Deep told her that there were scorch marks on the plane's engine. She tells Homelander that his brand is hope and America, and he doesn't do vengeance. Homelander explains that he heard the mayor through the wall blackmailing her, and he did it for her. Madelyn tells him that she has an appropriation committee coming in, and Homelander wonders how the mayor knew about Campaign V. He insists that Madelyn doesn't have to hide things from him and he can do more, insisting that he's the one out there and knows the audience. Madelyn says that she needs him to charm the committee congressman and let her protect him. He smiles and points out that she's leaking.

Jack discovers that his father has been trying to reach him, and finally calls Mr. Campbell. Mr. Campbell has heard that someone drove into Gary's store, and Jack assures him that he's fine. Jack claims that he left early and went to drink, but Mr. Campbell has checked and made sure that Jack wasn't at any of the bars. He says that he knows Jack has been taking Robin's death hard, and tells him to come home before he does something stupid. Jack hangs up and angrily punches the wall, his knuckles bleeding.

At the Seven Tower, Homelander calls the Deep into the board room for a solo meeting. The Deep hesitantly sits down and Homelander asks him to help him understand why he went to Madelyn and told her what he thought he saw on the jet engines. The Deep tries to back off his statement and apologizes, insisting that he didn't see anything. Homelander chuckles and gently grabs the Deep's throat, and says that he hopes they'll never have a similar conversation again. The Deep hastily assures him that they won't and Homelander excuses him.

Frenchie makes up bullets with the same carbon as the material that coats Translucent's skin. Jack comes in and Bully goes into the room with Translucent and shoots him. The bullet ricochets off of Translucent, who laughs at their failure. He tells them that eventually they'll come for him and Billy leaves... unaware that one of his bullets caused a rip in the tape.

Outside, Jack tells Billy and Frenchie that they failed. Billy says that he has an idea and leaves, figuring they have the situation under control.

That night at the Tower, Madelyn meets with Anika in the monitoring team. Anika says that they pinged Translucent five minutes ago and he's somewhere in Jersey City. Trevor comes in, sees Madelyn, and quickly turns around. Madelyn tells Anika to tell security to search the area discretely.

The Deep and Starlight go to a dock, and the Deep complains that he could be doing much more than handling water crimes. He asks what Starlight's problem is, and the lights flicker as her powers respond to her emotions. The Deep says that he took his share of shit when he got there, and reminds her that she had a crush on him. Starlight says that gave him no right, and the Deep threatens to tell everyone that she's a psycho if she doesn't play along. She figures that he's bluffing and everyone thinks that he's a joke, and says that if he ever touches her again she'll burn his eyes out. The Deep wisely remains silent and criminals pull up. He tells Starlight to flank them and dives into the water.

The criminals are smuggling in drugs in Homelander dolls. Starlight blinds them and when two of them flee, the Deep cuts off their escape and knocks them out. Ashley arrives with a film crew to capture the entire thing on video, and tells her to smile at the camera.

Billy visits the home of CIDA deputy director Susan Raynor. She draws a gun on him until she realizes who it is, and he says that he needs to see her files on Translucent. Billy admits that he's trying to find a way to kill the Supe and figures the information will be in Mallory's files, and Susan doesn't want to hear anymore. She says that the files are dead and buried, and explains that the director will fire anyone who goes near the files because Billy made it suicide to go after the Supes. Susan wonders if Billy has a death wish, and says that there's nothing between them. She tells Billy to get out of her house and walks away. Billy says that it's life and death, but Susan isn't impressed.

Jack goes into the room with Translucent's cell and offers him a glass of water. He then asks where A-Train was going when he went through Robin. and offers to hold off Billy and Frenchie if Translucent talks. Translucent says that his power is reading people, and he can see what Jack really is. He figures that Jack is terrified because he's in over his head.

Police search the area and Frenchie sees them.

Translucent advises Jack to head for the hills like his instincts say, and reminds Jack that he has invulnerable skin. He dismisses Jack as nothing and promises that Homelander will wipe out Jack when he shows up. Jack says that he tried and leaves.

A security agent breaks into the restaurant, and Frenchie hides in the shadows, gun drawn.

Jack contemplates a poster of a baby on the wall.

Madelyn arrives at a fund raiser that Ezekiel is sponsoring and the Seven are attending. She talks to Senator Calhoun, who says that they're not going to involve Homelander in national defense because it lets them make weapons to provide. Madelyn points out that Calhoun is the chairman of the committee, and Calhoun reminds her that the Seven are her heroes, not the government's.

Annie is walking home and sees two men harassing a woman. She tells them to back off, and Annie tells the woman to shut her eyes. She then blasts one rapist and beats the other... while the whole thing is captured by someone taking video.

After security leaves, Frenchie tries and fails to drill through Translucent's skin. He gives Jack LSD to deal with his anxiety, and Jack refuses. Frenchie admits that he's a gunrunner, but has developed a niche for killing Supes. Frenchie talks about the first Supe he killed: an attractive woman with calluses and dirt under her fingernails. He says that he carries the memories of all of the Supes that he's killed, like scars. Billy comes in and overhears Frenchie talking.

Calhoun has sex with a woman, who ties him to the bed and blindfolds him. "She" then changes into a man, Doppelganger, and takes video of them having sex.

Annie returns to the Tower and finds Homelander waiting for her. He talks about how he gave up on his secret identity a long time ago, and Annie goes to her quarters. Homelander uses his x-ray vision to watch Madelyn as she breast-pumps.

Frenchie tells Billy that the drill didn't work on Translucent. The gunrunner sees a TV show about turtles and goes to shock Translucent unconscious so he can test his theory on how to kill the Supe.

Ashley confronts Annie and shows her the video. Someone on social media recognized Annie from the video, and Ashley tells Annie that it was stupid. Ashley points out that there's no woman in the video, and tells Annie to always get a name. Annie insists that it was date rape, and Ashley tells her that all they have is two frat boys who say that they were getting drunk and Annie attacked them for no reason. She warns Annie that she's guilty until proven innocent, and tells her to meet with Crisis Management and Legal. Annie wonders if they're going to fire her, and Ashley tells her to be in Madelyn's office at 10.

Madelyn meets with Calhoun in her office and shows him the photos that Doppelganger took. He insists that they're fake and it was impossible. "Madelyn" explains that she was there, and changes into Doppelganger. The real Madelyn comes in and dismisses Doppelganger, Once the Supe leaves, Madelyn tells Calhoun that he's going to get the bill out of committee.

Homelander visits Anika and asks if she's found Translucent yet. He asks if Translucent is in danger, then says that he'll find his teammate himself. When Anika suggests that she call Madelyn, Homelander says that she's talking to him. He reminds her that he's Homelander and can do whatever he wants, and has her bring up Translucent's last known position.

When Translucent wakes up, Frenchie explains that Translucent's insides are like the rest of them. Billy tells the Supe that Frenchie stuck C4 up Translucent's ass. Shocked, Translucent turns visible.

Homelander flies to Jersey City.

Billy shows Translucent the remote that will trigger the "ass bomb". Terrified, Translucent says that A-Train was visiting a D-List Supe, Popclaw. Billy tells Translucent that they're out of time, walks out with the others, and close the door. Before he can hit the detonator, Frenchie tells him that Homelander is overhead. If Billy pulls the detonator then the Supe will hear. Translucent sees Jack through the door window and reads his lips, and realizes that Homelander is nearby.

Outside, Billy figures that they can throw Homelander off their scent via Pittsburgh. He sets the detonator down and walks off, and Frenchie goes after him. Out in the van, Billy takes out a transmitter, while Frenchie calls Cherie and tells her that it's a burn. She tells him that she'll be ready to go in three. Cherie plants explosives around the place, while Billy tries to get a signal.

Translucent urinates in the glass that Jack gave him and then throws the urine on the generator. Once it burns out, Translucent unlocks the cage door and gets out.

Homelander knocks on the van window and asks to see Frenchie's ID.

When Translucent goes into the next room, Jack tells him to get back in the cage. Translucent turns visible.

Homelander asks to see in the back of the van, and Frenchie asks if he has a warrant. The Supes tells him if there's nothing back there, Frenchie has nothing to worry about.

Jack holds the detonator and asks Translucent to get back in the cage. Translucent refuses, saying he's dead if he does.

Homelander scans the van and finds nothing... unaware that Billy is hiding down the street.

Translucent says that if Jack kills him, they'll hunt him down and never stop.

Billy sends the signal, detonating the explosives just after Cherie runs out. Homelander hears the explosion and flies off to investigate.

Translucent tells Jack that he'll be the hero if he lets him go, and Jack can go back to his life. Jack hesitates and Translucent walks off. As he goes, Jack glances at the poster, which says, "Keep your hands clean!", then hits the trigger. Translucent blows up, and the gore-covered Jack stares at the post where the Supe was.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 4, 2019

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