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A Flash of the Lightning

Barry travels to Earth-3 to find a way to see the future where the Monitor claims he dies. Meanwhile, Cecile is torn between her powers and her career when she uses her empathic powers to discover that a young metahuman is innocent of murder.

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By Gadfly on Oct 16, 2019

Barry sits in the Time Vault, telling Iris that he stared at the newspaper for so many years. He always felt like if he vanished in the coming crisis, maybe h was still out there somewhere looking for a way to come back to Iris. The Monitor has told them that doesn't happen. Iris doesn't believe what the Monitor said, and says that if the article changed then they can change the future. She asks Barry what they do first, and he suggests that he goes see the Crisis for himself. Ramseymeets wit…

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Zlogorek posted a year ago

⠀ Frosty draws. ⠀ :)

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