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Dead Man Running

Barry recruits Ramsey to help him stop a mutated Mitch, but Frost doesn't trust the doctor. Ralph's mother Debbie is accused of murder, and another Harrison arrives on Earth-1.



By Gadfly on Oct 23, 2019

Gat and his men break open a crate of guns, and Gat says that Mitch is gone so it's his crew now. Two of the thugs go off through the warehouse and spot an overturned crate. An intruder knocks out the power, and the thugs move through the warehouse looking for the man. One at a time the intruder takes them out until only Gat is left. He returns to the guns and discovers that the intruder took them. Gat turns and Mitch attacks him. At STAR Labs, Barry and Iris tell Frost, Ralph, and Cisco what…

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Episode Discussion

Zlogorek posted a year ago

⠀ "So, what, everybody feels this crappy all the time?" :)

Zlogorek posted a year ago

⠀ "There's no such thing as mystical mumbo jumbo or gods."

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