Laws Of Nature

Coulson and his team track down an outbreak of Inhumans and discover that someone is killing or capturing many of them... and it's not who they think. Meanwhile, Fitz takes desperate steps to recover Jemma, and Daisy and Mack ask Lincoln for help.


By Gadfly on Sep 30, 2015

In a household, fish pills lie on the counter. The statue of a petrified man stands by the counter. A short distance away, Joey Gutierrez staggers through the streets as fireballs explode around him. As he bumps into a scaffold, the base melts and he ducks out of the way as it falls. People run away from him and ATCU troopers pull up and order Joey to put his hands up. Their superior, Rosalind Price tells them over the radio to contain the subject and use lethal force if necessary. Joey begs the…

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Episode Discussion

cobraa posted 3 years ago

this show just jeeps getting better and better..

MichaelDeBoey posted 3 years ago

Can't wait for the next episode!
This one was really fantastic!

gjuniorX posted 3 years ago

I agree first episode was amazing,so glad I was patient & stuck with watching this series,cause I think were in for a epic season!!

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

The show delivers more and more with each episode, this season should even get better than the last one.

sixkiller2015 posted 3 years ago

it only took them until season 3 to bring in people with powers. maybe now some of the naysayers will quiet down. this show gets better with every episode.

everdeen posted 3 years ago

Really fantastic opening for season 3. It sure shows that they have a bigger budget, and I hope they can have this high quality for the rest of the season.

johncymru posted 3 years ago

Well that was interesting and definitely worth waiting for. If it continues in this vein it looks like Season 3 could be spectacular so fingers crossed.

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