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Laws of Nature Recap

In a household, fish pills lie on the counter. The statue of a petrified man stands by the counter. A short distance away, Joey Gutierrez staggers through the streets as fireballs explode around him. As he bumps into a scaffold, the base melts and he ducks out of the way as it falls. People run away from him and ATCU troopers pull up and order Joey to put his hands up. Their superior, Rosalind Price tells them over the radio to contain the subject and use lethal force if necessary. Joey begs them for help and they tell him to put his hands on a nearby car. The metal in their guns and in the car melts, and the engine explodes. Joey runs off and ends up in a dead-end alley. He hides and the troopers spot him. Suddenly the men go flying from a shockwave. Skye steps out and move in with Mack and Lance, and Skye introduces herself as Daisy as Lance sets up homing pods, and a module drops down out of the sky. Daisy ushers Joey in and Lance says that they'll be with him in a bit as the rocket module lifts up.

The troopers enter the alley and discover that Joey and the others are gone.

Mack and the others take their Quinjet up as the rocket cab docks with the new upgraded Bus.

On the street, Rosalind arrives and tells her men that SHIELD extracted Joey. She warns that it's harder to get such incidents unnoticed, and notices Coulson nearby scanning the crowd with a camera.

Aboard the Bus, Daisy tells Joe that he underwent a biomorphic event, but admits that they can't "cure" him. She explains that the module is made of poly-tectic adaptive material and resists his powers. Joey isn't comforted, but Daisy tells him to get some sleep until they get to their destination. Joey thanks her for not letting the ACTU shoot him in the head, and Daisy confirms that he takes fish oil pills. Coulson comes in and notes that it's the third incident that month. Daisy warns that the rate of new cases is increasing, and they've only happened in the U.S. so far. Joey is the first one that they've been able to secure, and Coulson wonders who is running the ACTU. He plans to find out who Rosalind is and what she plans to do with the Inhumans.

At the ACTU, Rosalind tells her man Banks to keep looking for the people that they're up against. They go to a lab containing the corpses of other Inhumans and Rosalind isn't happy that one of them got away.

The Bus lands at SHIELD HQ and Bobby is waiting to examine Joey. She tells him to make himself comfortable in his new room and the computer system will have him to a series of medical checks. Bobby knows all about Joey's background from his Facebook page, and figures that he's more concerned about others than himself. She admits that he probably hurt others, but there are no reported fatalities. For now, Joey isn't a danger to anyone there.

Lance reports to Coulson that Hydra has gone silent, and the people that they're up against are well-funded. Mack joins them and they confirm that Rosalind has passed through a number of covert organizations using different aliases. When Coulson tells Lance to take the captured hardware down to Bobby, Lance refuses to get near his ex and Mack gives Coulson a report on Joey.

Daisy and Mack visit Joey and ask how he's doing. He wants Daisy to give him the full story, and she explains about the Inhumans, and how Terrigen activates the gene in the people who have it. Joey burst into laughter, figuring that it's a joke, and Mack says that they can't let him go back to his old life. Angry, Joey says that he likes his life and refuses to toss it away. They turn on the TV, which has reports of Joey's incident, and Daisy and Mack warn that the black ops troops will shoot him. When Joey struggles with Daisy, she knocks him unconscious with her seismic powers.

The entire base shakes, and Coulson checks with Bobby to see if the monolith is causing it. She confirms that it's Daisy, and warns that the monolith hasn't done anything since Jemma disappeared into it. Bobby warns that they can't track down every bottle with Terrigen, but the deadly metal elements sunk to the bottom of the ocean. It's dispersed into the ecosystem and they're working on a simulation to see where it ended up. Coulson has her look into the hardware and asks where Fitz is, and Bobby says that he's chasing down a last lead on the monolith. Once Coulson leaves, Bobby calls Fitz and tells him that he has to come in. Fitz is in Tangier and Bobby warns that she can't cover for him anymore. He says that he'll be in and hangs up.

Fitz has the driver take him to a dive and asks the two guards that he wants to meet see Yusef Hadab, the man in charge. He says that he'll want what he has in the case, and refuses to let them examine it. They then throw a bag over his head and take him off.

Mack talks to Bobby about the fact that Fitz is missing. He warns that Mack isn't coping, but neither he nor Bobby want to stop him. Bobbi then fires the gun and asks Mack for his help. He figures that it's a DARPA prototype and realizes that Bobby already figured everything out. Mack suggests that she have Lance run it down, and Bobby says that Lance isn't talking to her. Before he goes, Mack warns that they can't afford any other trouble.

The guards take Fitz to Yusef, who says that they couldn't open the case. He orders Fitz to do it, and Fitz says that he will in return for something Yusef has. The guards punch Fitz, who refuses to deal. He explains that he's lost a friend and he needs to see a scroll from the Yucatan where the monolith was buried. Yusef finally gets the scroll out and tells Fitz to open the case. Fit unlocks it and hands it over to Yusef, who is surprised to discover it holds splinter bombs. Yusef figures that Fitz loves his friend, and says that only love can make someone so stupid. He then triggers the bomb... and it explodes in a burst of light. Fitz grabs the scroll and runs out to the waiting car, and drives away as Yusef's men open fire on him.

Daisy warns Coulson that Joey isn't handling the change very well. She wants Lincoln to help, but Coulson warns her that Lincoln wasn't interested the last time they brought up the subject. Mack figures that Lincoln could actually do some good if Daisy can get him, and Coulson tells them to requisition a Quinjet and get the Inhuman. Bobby calls Coulson into the lab and says that they tracked Rosalind at a DC DARPA office where she visits every few days. They have a small window where they can find her at a metro station. She boards the metro train alone.

That night on the train, Coulson and Lincoln confront Rosalind on the train. She says that it was no trouble finding him, and all of the passengers draw their guns. After Banks and his men disarm Coulson and Lance, Rosalind tells Coulson that she knows all about him. She points out that SHIELD no longer exists, and yet somehow both Coulson and SHIELD still exist. Banks reports that there are two teams waiting for them at the next stop, and Coulson offers to answer any questions that she has. Rosalind asks him where he's hiding them.

Lincoln is working at a hospital and finds Daisy and Mack in the room of his next patient. They explain that they've found a new Inhuman, and they need him to help them transition. Lincoln insists that being an Inhuman is a curse, not a gift, and tells Daisy to let it die. Mack stops him as he tries to leave.

Rosalind says that she's been tasked with neutralizing the Inhumans. She warns that the laws of nature have changed, and they can only do what they think is right. When Rosalind says that there's been a t rail of dead and missing Inhumans, Coulson says that he hasn't killed anyone, and Rosalind explains that someone has been killing them using energy weapons. They both realize that there's a third party involved.

Lincoln warns Mack of what he's capable of, just as the lights flicker. Daisy tells Lincoln to cool down, and he says that it isn't him. They run out into the hallway and see a shadowy figure grab a guard. Energy flares from his hand and he demands to know where the Inhumans are. The mutated figure, Lash, steps out into the light, sees Lincoln and Daisy, and charges. Lincoln blasts him with electricity and Daisy knocks him back, and Mack opens fire. Lash blasts a hole in the wall and runs off, and the trio goes after him. Meanwhile, Lincoln sees one of the nurses calling 911.

On the subway train, Coulson and Rosalind both get calls. Rosalind steps into the next car and Banks finally takes Coulson's phone out of his pocket. As soon as the man is close enough, Coulson knocks him out while Lance knocks his guard away and kicks out the module homing device. Rosalind hears the commotion and goes back to find the rear end of the car missing... and Coulson and Lance gone.

Lash attacks Mack, and Lincoln and Daisy hit him with their combined powers. Despite the force against him, Lash manages to stagger forward until Daisy takes out the floor beneath him. ACTU troopers move in, and Lincoln says that his life is in ruins as he runs off. Mack tells Daisy that they have to leave.

Back at the base, Lance goes to the locker room and Bobby asks him why he isn't speaking to her. Lance says that he's not supposed to see the bride on the wedding day and holds up her wedding ring. Bobby says that she asked for the ring back because she paid for it, not as a meaningful gesture. He reminds her that she said she couldn't do it anymore, and Bobby insists that she didn't mean they should make the mistake of marrying again. Lance isn't convinced and points out that she didn't need the ring back, but says that she wanted something to remember him by. Her ex says that she's going after Grant and he'll be better on his own. Bobby takes his hand as Mack comes in and says that it's on.

Everyone assembles in the mess room President Ellis gives an address about the Inhumans and how SHIELD is part of the danger.

Mack has an artist create an image of Lash.

Rosalind and Banks inspect the hospital. A nurse shows her a photo of Lincoln.

Ellis says that he has created a special task force, the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, to contain all alien threats on U.S. soil. He echoes Rosalind's words to Coulson, and Coulson realizes that he answers to Rosalind. The projection of the spread of Terrigen comes in... showing thousands of locations across the globe.

Joey watches the broadcast and Daisy brings him a beer. He says that he was miserable until he came out with his secret, and Daisy warns that his new secret is one the world isn't ready to hear.

Fitz returns to the lab and Coulson is waiting for him. Coulson asks what is in the scroll, and warns that the only answer left is the obvious one: Jemma is dead. Fitz insists that it's a black hole and the scroll will tell them what the monolith is. He opens it and finds a Hebrew word: "death." Coulson says that he's going to tell Jemma's parents that Jemma is MIA, and they need to all move on. He needs Fitz focusing on their current situation, and he's lost his left hand and May... his other hand. Coulson says that Gemma would want them to say goodbye, and Fitz agrees. However, once he's alone, Fitz gets a shotgun and breaks into the sealed room holding the monolith. He shoots the locks off the containment case and steps in, and screams at the monolith to do something. Nothing happens.

On an alien planet, Jemma runs as something chases her. She wipes dirt on her face and then continues running as something growls in the distance.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 30, 2015

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