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Trigon corrupts the Titans so that Rachel's heart will break... and he can fully enter the Earth dimension to spread death and destruction. Meanwhile, an old foe lurks in the shadows and considers coming out of retirement.

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By Gadfly on Sep 7, 2019

Rachel tells Trigon to release Dick from his mental enslavement, and tries to use her powers against her father. Trigon easily shrugs them off and tells her that he won't allow her to use magic., He says that she enslaved Dick by bringing him there, and that was her purpose. Angela insists that Rachel has given the world a gift, and Rachel realizes that Angela used her. Trigon says that all that is there is loss and betrayal, and everyone she loves will leave her and disappointment awaits her. H…

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Episode Discussion

hekiv posted a year ago

pretty weird episode. I was just expecting more, but I guess they needed to wrap up the season 1 storyline.

I thought it was cool tho that Rachel got her new look that's just like in the comics.

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