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The Robinsons and Don are forced to convert the stranded Jupiter 2 into a sailing ship when the hull springs a leak, letting in poisonous atmosphere. Smith sets out to prove her usefulness, and Will misses the Robot.

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By Gadfly on Dec 28, 2019

The crew of the Resolute watch as Jupiter 2 disappears through a wormhole. They detect an incoming object, and see two Robots fighting in space. The Robots slam into the Resolute and crash through the hull. Seven Months Later Will wakes up in his cabin to see the lights flickering. He looks at his model of the Robot next to the emergency light, and John comes in and asks his son if he's ready. Will goes with him through the ship's greenhouse to the airlock, don helmets for the planet's atm…

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Episode Discussion

Gadfly posted 11 months ago

Why not? Granted, I'd rather see a remake of Land of the Giants. But they've already tried remaking Time Tunnel, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea doesn't seem to have much remake material. The cinematography is good, the acting is okay. There are worse ways to waste an hour.

Zlogorek posted 11 months ago

⠀ Corn again. Why?

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