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Shipwrecked Recap

The crew of the Resolute watch as Jupiter 2 disappears through a wormhole. They detect an incoming object, and see two Robots fighting in space. The Robots slam into the Resolute and crash through the hull.

Seven Months Later

Will wakes up in his cabin to see the lights flickering. He looks at his model of the Robot next to the emergency light, and John comes in and asks his son if he's ready. Will goes with him through the ship's greenhouse to the airlock, don helmets for the planet's atmosphere, and go out on the shore Jupiter 2 is resting on. John scrapes up some bioluminescent algae.

Inside the tent the Robinsons have set up, Maureen is monitoring one of the planet's plants for activity. It doesn't move, and Penny calls her up. As Maureen leaves, the plant throbs briefly. Meanwhile, Judy and Penny are pounding on the bridge door marked "Do Not Enter" by Will and John. The males open the door to the bridge, revealing that they set it up with an algae-decorated tree to celebrate Christmas. Don comes in and welcomes everyone a happy holidays, and gives John and Maureen his very last bottle of whiskey as a Christmas present.

Will opens his present first and finds a key to the Chariot. John tells him that it's time for him to learn how to drive, and Will hands out books for everyone. They're bound copies of Penny's memoir about their experience, titles Lost in Space, and Will reads the first chapter. Penny talks about how she was always afraid of traveling in space, and how trouble starts when she tries to learn things for herself. She writes about the invisible force of her family, reminding her that she's never really alone.

Maureen reveals the imprisoned Smith, who wishes them "Peace on Earth". The Robinson mother points out that they're not on Earth. The breach alarm goes off and Maureen seals Smith back up. The others patch up the holes in the hull and Will reports that the winds are starting to shift, meaning monsoon season is coming, and then John goes to show Will how to drive the Chariot. He has his son get a feel for the machine, and assures Will that he's doing great. Penny walks alongside the slow-moving chariot while Don and Judy set up wind absorbers on the shore. Once he's done training, Will joins Maureen in her tent on the shore.

Penny handcuffs Smith and takes her out, and she notes the new patches on the hull. The girl assures Smith that she's as safe as she was, as the wind picks up.

Will watches as a lightning storm forms out to sea and notes that it starts at the same time every 23 days.

Later inside Jupiter 2, John joins Maureen as she looks out the window. She suggests that they use the storm to recharge the batteries, and they don't have to fly. Maureen explains that the windows are changing and they have a window of opportunity. John wonders if it's about the Robot engine in the garage, and Maureen points out that the engine brought them halfway across the galaxy. She figures that they just need to recreate the conditions when it transported them the last time. John refuses to risk their children's lives, and Maureen notes that they'll never meet anyone new there or have what John and Maureen have. She insists that they have to try and leave, but John says that it's too dangerous and they'll revisit the idea in a year.

Later, John and Maureen are in their cabin sleeping when the breech alarm goes off. The storm winds have ripped through the patch, and John seals off the interior entrances and goes to seal the hole while the others gather at the door. John chokes on the alien atmosphere leaking in, and Don dons a suit and goes in. He hauls John out and Maureen confirms that John's hands have blistered from contact with the atmosphere.

Once the atmosphere stabilize, the crew checks the greenhouse and confirms that the atmosphere killed the plants. John says that they're leaving and has Maureen tell the others her plan. The next day, the crew assemble giant sails and attach them to Jupiter 2. Will makes a video log of how they're the first ones to convert a spaceship into a sailboat. When everyone gathers, Maureen explains that she hopes to reach a speed of four to five knots. It will take them two days to reach the storm and then they recharge ship's battery. They have to avoid an archipelago because if they hit the rocks they'll sink. Maureen hopes to get past it before the monsoon winds change and push them onto the rocks. John tells them that they have to remember how to be a crew again and they get some sleep for the beginning of their journey the next day.

As Will practices knots, he asks Maureen if they can use the Robot engine to take them everywhere. He figures the Robot left him a trial to follow in space and refuses to go without it.

Penny finds Judy reading her book, and Judy laments that she hasn't done anything recently worth writing about. She wants to do something that actually matters, and Penny says that she doesn't want to go through everything all over again. She wants "normal", and Judy says that "normal" is somewhere in space and they have to find it. As Penny goes, she notices Maureen's discarded copy.

When the timer goes off, Penny takes Smith to the bathroom. Once she's alone, Smith removes a makeshift knife that she's hidden under the sink. As they go back to her cell, Smith sees Maureen's navigational charts and says that she's a good sailor, but Penny isn't impressed.

The next day, the crew "launch" Jupiter 2 into the ocean. John directs the children in how to raise and lower the sails to navigate since they don’t have a rudder. Penny gets seasick and goes inside to throw up. Smith tells her to put an earplug in one ear to help with the motion sickness. Penny does it and feels better.

The others continue sailing Jupiter 2, and Maureen determines the monsoon is developing behind them. She suggests John speed Jupiter 2 up, and he does what he can. Penny comes in and tells her mother what Smith said, and Maureen tells her not to spend so much time with the prisoner.

Penny brings Smith food and thanks her for the ear plug tip. Smith looks out the window and then yells at Penny to have John stop Jupiter 2. Jupiter 2 hits the archipelago reef and runs aground. The crew gathers and John says that they're stuck for now. Don reports that the hull is intact and the pressure is dropping, meaning the monsoon is coming. Maureen insists that she'll finish it up, and John takes the children up to furl the sails.

Smith tapes on her cell door and calls to Maureen that she knew they were going to hit the reef because she could see the cross-currents. Maureen refuses to release her even though Smith insists she can be useful.

Don takes his chicken Debbie with him and works on "Ceedra": the carbon dioxide removal assembly.

As the children eat, Will sees a light outside the window and assumes that it's the Robot. He goes to the window and confirms that it's a school of phosphorescent fish, not the Robot. Disappointed, Will walks off.

John tells Maureen that Don thinks they can scrape together enough power for a two-second burn to push them clear. Maureen figures John and Don can get them off the reef using the popouts. The two men crank out the popouts, and they then suit up and go out on deck since they can't outrun the storm. The storm hits and John has the others reef the sails. He figures the best they can do is weather out the storm.

Maureen spots the archipelago as they approach them, and Don reports that they sprung a leak when they hit the reef and the seawater is dripping into Ceedra. If it shorts out then they die. Don tries to patch it, and Maureen lies and says they won't hit anything else.

Once the Robinson children reef the sails, John takes them back into Jupiter 2. Will is hit by a loose mast and knocked down the hull toward the ocean. John manages to grab the rope Will is holding onto and stops his son's descent, and Will pulls himself back up. John's oxygen pack is cracked, and Judy and Penny get him and Will inside, calling for Maureen to help them at the med bay. Maureen freezes for a moment, and then releases Smith, warning her that if she's lying about her sailing experience then it will be last lie.

Smith dons a suit and goes out on the hull with Maureen, Judy, and Penny. They approach the archipelago, and Smith tells them to raise the sail so they gain enough speed to go through the rocks because they can't go around. Penny freezes, and Maureen tells her that she can't do it without her daughter. After a moment, Penny raises the sails with Judy. Maureen's foot is caught in netting, and Smith pulls out her knife... and cuts Maureen free.

In the med bay, Will asks John if they're going faster. John calls Maureen and tells her to be careful, then tells Will that he trusts Maureen. Will says Maureen isn't in charge anymore. Maureen calls back and says that they need to shift the weight to leeward. John is still too weak to get to the garage and release the two-ton Chariot, and he sends Will to drive the Chariot to leeward and crash it.

Will gets into the Chariot and starts it up, then drives leeward. Jupiter 2's right side rises, clearing the rocks, and Smith admits that sometimes she tells the truth. Will tells John that he gave the Chariot gas, and they welcome the others as they come back in. Judy tells Penny that she did good, and Don arrives to say that he repaired Ceedra. Maureen compliments him, and Smith comes in. She says that she's secured the deck.

As Maureen and Smith remove their suits, Maureen notices blisters on Smith's hands. Smith notices her attention and suggests that she escaped and sabotaged the greenhouse patch, and points out that if so she and Maureen both got what they want: John inspired to leave the shore because Smith was the bad guy so Maureen didn't have to be. Smith asks Maureen to let her help rather than freeload, and Maureen takes Smith to the mess room. Don tells her to watch herself, and Smith claims that she doesn't want trouble.

Later, Smith finds the internal control panel and remembers going over the ship's manual when she arrived.

Will talks to his Robot model about how he crashed the Chariot, and wishes the Robot had been there to see it. He says that he misses the Robot because he considers it his friend, and talks about their adventure.

The next morning on the hull, John tells Maureen that he wanted to stay on the planet because they had finally made a home there and they were all together. His wife assures him that they're still together. They spot land masses in the distance, and Jupiter 2 is caught in a current and speeds up. The others look out the window and see the approaching waterfall. They strap in and Jupiter 2 hits the edge of the waterfall... and runs aground on the rocks. The crew go out on the hull and join John and Maureen... and look at the vast canyon in front of them. There's metal at the bottom, and Maureen figures that someone built it.

Somewhere in the structure below, the Robot draws a symbol on the rocks.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 28, 2019

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