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See How They Fly

Angela, Wade, and Laurie face off against 7K and Cyclops, and Trieu reveals her plan within their plans.

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By Gadfly on Dec 16, 2019

November 1, 1985 Adrian films his message to Robert Redford, congratulating him on his inauguration as U.S. President and explaining that he planned it. Meanwhile, a cleaning woman goes to Adrian's office, closes the doors, and accesses his computer. The woman opens a hidden refrigerator and takes out Vial #2346, mixes in a liquid from a soap dispenser she has with her, and puts the vial back. Once she's put everything back in order, the cleaning woman prepares a syringe and inseminates herse…

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Episode Discussion

kockasti posted 3 years ago

Amazing finale of the season. Loved it.

DenisMoulin posted 3 years ago

A great episode with a major flaw : it's the last one ...

The f**k ... This is gonna be a very long year ...

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