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I, Witness

After the deaths of Henry and Katrina, Ichabod goes to find himself while Abbie joins the FBI. However, the discovery of an ancient tablet brings Ichabod back to the U.S. and the Witnesses discover that the Second Tribulation may be starting.

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By Gadfly on Oct 2, 2015

The Horseman rides through the forest and comes to a hooded woman, Pandora. As the Horseman prepares to kill her, Pandora gestures and sings, and the Horseman and his horse are sucked into a nearby box. It glows red and Pandora opens the box, and says that she has given what's inside the power of Death... and demands the power of fear. A demon emerges from the box and Pandora woman says that they have work to do. In the city, a man, Johnny, runs out of a building to the street... and Abbie kn…

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Episode Discussion

SilverSurfer posted 4 years ago

Sad that Fox moved this show into a death slot. Enjoy what is likely it's last season after getting pummeled by Thursday footsball and Scandal.

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