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I like to watch TV ... probably too much. I also enjoy talking about it, also probably too much. I don't Tweet or Facebook or any other stuff like that. I previously posted alot on TVbytheNumbers as FakeMeOut but after a move and PC crash I fell off the map for awhile. TVbtN is no longer what it once was so I'll nest here for awhile.

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Andrew Gillum

Watched the 47 minute extended edition. Great interview w/Gillum.

Salvation News

‘Salvation’ Summer Drama Series Canceled By CBS After Two Seasons

I thought the show started to drift hard into soap rather than Sci-Fi in the second season. Maybe I'm a cold, heartless machine but you're dealing with the survival or humanity and likely +90% all life on the planet and you get stressed out about your kid? Or your girlfriend? While I would have liked to see it get back on track and resolve that interesting ending, the show had been annoying the crap out of me most of the season. :/