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Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

Wanda and Vision struggle to conceal their powers during dinner with Vision's boss and his wife.

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Episode Discussion

Dr.Acula posted a month ago

TNABank & JuanArango seem to have a grasp on reality, the other commenters do not. I too found this to be a shite series one which I could not make it through the first episode, That means I certainly not be watching anymore of this drivel..

Nivekolsen posted a month ago

I liked this show - it's intellegent and cool in a way I haven't seem from the MCU before; I wanna see where this is going!

TNABank posted a month ago

Its crap - start/end credits total time 5 minutes - black and white - superpowers shown Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff: mind-control superpowers and Vision: artificial life-form NO ACTIONS SCENES LIKE THE AVENGERS MOVIES.

Apparently this is the story-line: In each episode, the two characters play a married couple in a different decade of television: in the first, Wanda and Vision play a married ’50s couple a la I Love Lucy; the second pays homage to the 1960s’ I Dream of Jeanie; the third references the mostly ’70s-set The Brady Bunch, and so on.

The series appears tailor-made for TV buffs. But beware: the MCU-averse should not enter WandaVision cold. At its heart, WandaVision is actually a mystery. The first episodes beg many questions: How did Wanda create this world? Is someone forcing her to do it? What are the real-world ramifications of Wanda escaping into a dreamland, and possibly taking real-world characters with her? As Wanda’s delusion begins to crack, hints of the outside world begin to sneak in, a la The Truman Show.

And its still crap (I was expecting an new enjoyable Science Fiction, Fantasy, ITS NOT sofar)


JuanArango posted a month ago

Wtf did I just watch? :0  


JCuervo_a posted a month ago

I love these firts two episodes. It's different, fun, interesting and well constructed. The resource of the Sitcom is very well used. The humor, the retro effects, the sounds and the music, everything fits perfectly so far. Oh, how i missed Marvel. 

Zlogorek posted a month ago

⠀Strong 'Bewitched' vibes. ⠀:)

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