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The Wellstone Agency

Red and Dembe go to great lengths to fulfill the final wishes of a dear friend. Aram goes undercover as an interpreter to a company that provides services to criminals, while Park helps a friend in trouble.

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Episode Discussion

Calero posted 14 days ago

Years ago when Red and Liz went on the run I wondered if they would change the nature of the show and have it be about life on the blacklist. They're bending over backwards to make sure Liz can return to her job but I find the prospect of her going full blacklist far more entertaining than her whining about the task force doing Red's dirty work.

Shame they shut down the Wellstone Agency, that could have been a nice little side story for Aram every now and then.

I'm really enjoying Park's "outburst". Looking forward to when Red calls in that chit.

RoseRed posted 14 days ago

Nice way to honor Clark Middleton and bring attention to West Nile, which like Red I went 'huh' when I first read how he died (and Mira Furlan).


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