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Jordi0686 posted 2 years ago

Is very well organized!

cihansoyturk89 posted 3 years ago

What I love about Homeland is the realistic portrayal of the difficulties faced by the CIA and other high level government agencies - it really is a very grey area.

People doing 'wrong' and 'immoral' actions for the 'greater good'; letting a 'bad' guy slip in order to create potential of apprehending someone much worse; protecting valuable information by sacrificing something else.

Everything is a balancing act and there is no black and white as to what is 'right' or 'wrong'.

God Forbid the people who actually have to deal with sticky situations such as those in Homeland.

I understand it is a fictional plot, but there is no question of the similarities it strikes with the reality we live in - but we're never witness to it, because all the things that actually protect us, we don't want to see, we don't want to hear about, and we don't want to know about. We turn a blind eye to the actions of the CIA, but yet if we did discover what they were doing, we would be quick to say that is 'wrong' and immediately frown upon their actions.

It is honestly very scary - the best thing about Homeland is the accurate depiction of plot compared to reality, and also, the acting, which is absolutely superb - Carrie, Seoul, Quinn and the remaining cast are all played by outstanding actors/actresses.

This episode in particular was not 'the best', but I feel as though this season is going to get very suspenseful.

Look forward to the next couple of episodes!

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