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cihansoyturk89 posted 3 years ago

Amazing Episode - very well proven that it has the capability to continue without the Brody arc.

Quinn is my new hero!! He is seriously superb! Probably the most balanced character in the entire show (albeit with his own flaws).

Carrie's acting was extraordinary. The episode was very tense!

The plot is building and it is actually extremely well thought out - hacker (Newman) accidentally gathers secret CIA Files, he realizes that the Germans and Americans (aka CIA) are working together illegally (but for the 'greater good' as defenced by the CIA'), Newman releases the info to a journalist which is thereafter published. Carrie is now blamed/suspected for the CIA 'leak' divulging the information re: American and German collusion; CIA now hiring Quinn to kill Carrie as she is ASSUMED to be a loose end, Quinn is too smart and is trying to figure the truth out for himself before following his Orders through to kill Carrie (given his relationship with Carrie too; he does trust her to do the right thing) all the while the hacker's friend/partner doesn't trust Newman to not divulge further CIA secrets to the journalist and accordingly Newman's friend has now corrupted Newman's file (and hence the journalist believes she has been betrayed by Newman) and the Newman's friend is now being selfish looking after his interests in selling the CIA secrets to the Russians, which could potentially start a World War.

Sorry to say, but that plot probably beats the initial plot of Homeland; the intrigue is real; the suspense is building very fast now. The story is very original and believable - extremely well thought out by the Writers!!

cairns1986 posted 3 years ago

Outstanding episode.

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