Shady Deal at Sunny Acres

A crooked bank manager, Bates, rips off Bret for $15,000 in poker winnings. Bret sits and whittles on the hotel porch... while Bart and the Mavericks' friends run a con on Bates to get the money back.


By Gadfly on Apr 9, 2019

Bret gambles in a saloon, and emerges that night, patting his wallet, and crosses the street. Knocking on a window, he is told by a man working ata desk that the bank is closed. Bret keeps knocking and gets the manto come to the door. The man, bank manager John Bates, asks what Bret wants and Bret offers to pay a service charge if he'll put his $15,000 in the safe. He gives Mr. Bates the money, receives a receipt, and is told that there will be no service charge.The next morning Bret returns to…

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