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Six weeks earlier, Emma and Merlin quest for the Flame which can reunite the two parts of Excalibur. Meanwhile, Regina and the others sneak into Camelot to recover the two pieces. However, things go horribly awry. In the distant past, the origin of Merlin's powers and the first Dark One are revealed.

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By Gadfly on Nov 9, 2015

Now Emma returns to the Stone with the two pieces of Excalibur, and Rumplestiltskin's image giggles. He says that they represent history as well as power, and now it's time for that promise to be fulfilled. 1000 Years Before the Age of Arthur Two foot soldiers, Merlin and Adda, run across the desert. Merlin spots something flickering in the distance and figures that it's an oasis and drags Adda with him. They reach the spot and find the Holy Grail, filled with water. Adda grasps it and…

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