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Computer Logic

In this two-hour premiere, secretary Micki Castle gets a job with scientific genius Austin James, head of a research think tank named Serendip. Austin is more interested in solving the mysteries of the universe than running his company, and gets involved in two cases: a computer AI that has learned how to kill, and a woman who froze to death under impossible circumstances.


By Gadfly on Oct 11, 2015

A man, David Hofstetter, limps down the street and comes to an old burned-out tavern sign. It suddenly lights up and then blows out, and Hofstetter ducks as it falls towards him. The signs in the window light up and then blow up, and Hofstetter ducks away from the exploding glass and runs out into the street. A driver is passing and has the green light, and Hofstetter walks right out in front of him. The driver tries to swerve but he hits Hofstetter. He gets out and goes to the dying Hofstetter,…

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