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Wray finds himself stuck on a comic book store opening panel about racism in voiceovers, with Michael Dorn and Kevin Gevioux. They're less than amused when they discover Wray did the voice of Rigamorale in What's Up Bitch.

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By Gadfly on Sep 23, 2017

A drunken Wray arrives at the store for the opening and the owner, Casey Wingwall, greets him. Casey wonders where Wray was, and Wray explains that he was in a bar two doors down. Wray discovers that Bobbie has been texting him, just as Bobbie comes over and complains that he's been avoiding her. She insists that he needs her, and Casey insists on getting Wray to the back for the signing. Bobbie says that as the booker, she'll make the announcement, and makes the same announcement. As they go…

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