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Thank You for Your Service Recap

A drunken Wray arrives at the store for the opening and the owner, Casey Wingwall, greets him. Casey wonders where Wray was, and Wray explains that he was in a bar two doors down. Wray discovers that Bobbie has been texting him, just as Bobbie comes over and complains that he's been avoiding her. She insists that he needs her, and Casey insists on getting Wray to the back for the signing. Bobbie says that as the booker, she'll make the announcement, and makes the same announcement.

As they go into the back, Casey tells Wray that Michael Dorn and Kevin Grevioux are there to talk about their voiceover work. All Casey could find was a Spectrum photo for Wray to sign, and Wray has Bobbie look for some art from What's Up Bitch. However, he warns that she won't find it because it was only released on VHS. Bobbie finds a fan, Landon, who is really good with computers and leads him off. Casey calls over the security guard, a Marine named Marion, and Wray thanks him for his service as he begins signing.

A fan asks Wray if he's ever going to make a Spectrum movie, and Wray cheerfully tells him that he never will. When Wray says that he was a soldier in a video game, Marion takes offense insisting that war is different from a game. Wray's explanation just make things worse, and he finally just thanks Marion again for his service. Marion points out that it's empty if Wray doesn't know what he's talking about. Wray isn't sure where they're fighting, and asks a fan for her opinion.

Casey calls the celebrities to the staging area. Marion glares at Wray, who quickly leaves. Casey is hosting a panel on overcoming bigotry and racial stereotypes in hate art. Michael talks about the character he played wouldn't have existed 50 years ago, and is a great role model. Casey complains about "vocal blackface" and how the character would have been voiced by a white actor. Michael agrees and reluctantly does a voice sampling.

The owner then turns to Wray and brings up Rigamorale, and asks him to do the voice for him. Wray says that he'll go last and Casey should skip him, and Casey goes to Kevin. Kevin does the voice, and says that it's an extended stereotype about institutionalized racism. He describes how it rankles his hackles and he blacks out, and wakes up with a blunt object covered in someone's blood. Michael agrees with Kevin, and Wray says that he follows MLKJFK's teachings.

Casey returns to the topic of What's Up Bitch, and Wray says that it's about a female dog. He refuses to say anything about the show, but Bobbie comes up with for pieces of artwork that she and Landon found online. They're all racial and gender stereotypes that Wray voiced. She doesn't have a voice for Rigamorale, and Michael and Kevin tell Wray to do it. Wray has no choice but to do it, and Michael and Kevin glare at him.

The lights go out and when the guests turn on their phone lights, they discover that Wray is gone. Marion takes him out the back and barricades the door, and Wray thanks him for his service. The Marine finds it amusing that Rigamorale was voiced by a white guy, and talks about how when he and his men got back to base after an enemy attack, he found What's Up Bitch on a tractor blooper VHS. Marion and his men laughed hysterically and watched it every night until they shipped back to the states. The ex-soldier thanks Wray for his service and shakes the actor's hand.

Marion tells Wray that the voices were funny, not racist, and asks Wray to do the voice one more time. Wray obliges and Marion starts laughing. Michael and Kevin start breaking down the door, and Wray goes while still performing. He finally does something that Marion think is racist, and Marion goes to open the door. Bobbie pulls up in her Wray's car and admits that she hotwired it, and they drive off.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 23, 2017

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