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The Needs of the Many

Tommy teleports his injured mother to a hospital, but is forced to donate blood and risk exposure. Meanwhile, Noah and Quentin attempt to convince Taylor to help them, Miko and Ren travel to Midian, and Luke and Joanne have a parting of the ways.

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By Gadfly on Oct 10, 2015

Once Tommy and Anne’s car rolls to a halt, Tommy wakes up and teleports himself out of the car, and his mother wakes up. He goes to her and realizes that she’s dying, and then passes out. Tommy teleports her away and then passes out from shock. At the nearby hospital, a nurse is startled to find Anne lying on the floor. In St. Louis Missouri, a man named Alexander French answers the door and Joanne confirms his identity. She then shoots Alexander dead and goes inside. Luke follows her in a…

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Episode Discussion

Bero2211 posted 5 years ago

i agree, i want it to be great and i'm still waiting for that something. Hope that Hiro will make an appearance soon

gjuniorX posted 5 years ago

Mehh not quite as good this episode.

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