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The Needs of the Many Recap

Once Tommy and Anne’s car rolls to a halt, Tommy wakes up and teleports himself out of the car, and his mother wakes up. He goes to her and realizes that she’s dying, and then passes out. Tommy teleports her away and then passes out from shock.

At the nearby hospital, a nurse is startled to find Anne lying on the floor.

In St. Louis Missouri, a man named Alexander French answers the door and Joanne confirms his identity. She then shoots Alexander dead and goes inside. Luke follows her in and expresses his concerns about how they don’t know anything about the man or how monstrous he was. The man’s dog comes down and lies down next to his dead master, and Joanne tells Luke that it’s time to go.

In the Arctic Circle, a woman—Farah Nazan--turnsfrom invisible to visible as she prays to Allah. She then walks across the snow and finds a dead butterfly frozen on the ground. Fi9ona continues on and finds a whole field of the dead butterflies. She confirms that her compass isn’t working and turns to find her student Malina waiting. Malina says that she’s ready and it’s time to go south, and picks up the butterfly. She breathes on the butterfly and it comes back to life. A whole field of dead butterflies lies ahead, and they all come back to life.

In Tokyo, Ren and Miko take a taxi to the airport. Ren buys their tickets online and insists that he’s Internet famous. The driver assumes that he does pornography, and Ren insists that he’s a gamer and people pay to watch him play online. He performs a live webcast saying that he’s there with Miko, the real Katana Girl, and he needs the help of Evernow fans to meet them at the gates of Renautas in Colorado. Miko wonders how that will rescue her father, and Ren assures her that the game fans will show up.

In Midian, Noah and Quentin sit outside of Renautas and try to work out a way into the research lab. Quentin figures that they’re doing the same thing with his abducted sister Phoebe, draining her shadow powers.

InLA, Jose uses his power to work on a car. Carlos comes In, his face bruised, and Jose says that his father promised that they’d work on the car together. His uncle is impressed with his work and hugs him, and then gets an idea. After Jose leaves, Carlos figures that they’re going to need bulletproof glass and Kevlar.

Quentin approaches Taylor outside of Renautas, and Noah puts a gun to her back. He tells Taylor that she’s going to help them break Molly out. They talk privately and Taylor recognizes Noah. Quentin says that he almost met Erica on June 13, and wanted a minute to ask her what happened to Phoebe. The two men tell Taylor that Erica has been kidnapping innocent people, and Noah tells her to just question Erica and find out what is really going on.

Later in Renautas, Taylor enters Erica’s office. She notices Hachiro’s sword on a stand, as Erica comes in. Taylor asks what happened to her lover Francis, and Erica says that she’s mad at her sleeping with an Evo. Her daughter wonders when Erica became such a bigot, and Erica explains that she wants a world of abundance that she can give to her daughter. She says that she is rounding up Evos to save her and Taylor’s species.

In Carbondale, Brad and Emily find Tommy at the hospital. They’ve heard that a drunk driver t-boned Anne’s SUV, just as a nurse comes over and says that Anne is stable but needs a blood transfusion. However, they don’t have any O-negative blood. Tommy is eager to donate blood, but Emily reminds him that a blood test could identify him as an Evo.

Malina and Farah travel to northwestern Canada until Farah orders a stop. When Malina says that they don’t have time to stop, Farah says that their enemies have been searching for Malina for years and intend to kill her. To fight death, they must struggle with life. She then has Malina uses her power, growing a tree to full size in a matter of seconds. A hiker comes by and sees them, and Farah tries to calm him. He starts to call the authorities, and Farah turns invisible and knocks him unconscious. She crushes the phone and tells Malina that training is over.

Back at their hotel, Luke draws the shades and complains that the light has been giving him a headache. He suggests that they retire from Evo hunting and have normal lives, Joanne checks his temperature and realizes that he’s burning up, and figures that he’s not himself. She tells Luke to stay put while she gets some medicine for him on the way back. As she goes, Luke insists that they used to be happy. His wife tells him that things change, and Luke says that he loves her. Once Joanne leaves, Luke holds his hand in the sunlight and it glows with energy. He picks up a glass of water and the water boils. Furious, he throws the glass at the wall and yanks open the drapes... and a miniature Aurora Borealis forms in the air before him.

Across the world, everyone sees the Aurora Borealis in the sky.

Malina asks Farah if people know what’s coming. The girl worries that she can’t handle what’s coming, and Farah says that she’ll have help... even if they don’t know it yet.

On the plane to Colorado, Miko worries about what Harris said that she was dead. He points out that she isn’t dead, and assures her that she’s very much alive. Miko notes that Harris said Hachiro had the same power, and they figure he was taken into the Evernow game and only Miko can save her.

Carlos calls Father Mauricio to the garage to see his new armored suit with an exoskeleton. He explains that he’s donning the El Vengador mask to be part of something bigger than him. Mauricio warns that Dearing may be onto him and will be looking for Carlos, and Carlos figures that they have to get to Dearing first.

Tommy tells his unconscious mother that he submitted to the blood test to see if he was a match for her. The nurse comes in and tells him that he’s not a match, and says that the closest blood bank is in Indiana. She warns that it will take up to six hours, and he walks out past Emily and says that he’s going to Indiana.

Taylor enters the Renautas lobby and when she can’t get in, knocks the two guards out. Noah and Quentin run in and they use the guards’ fingers to bypass the security system and search for Molly. In the hallway, three Harris clones step out and draw their guns. Quentin realizes that Harris is the man who took Phoebe, and Noah shoots a nearby fire extinguisher as a distraction. He picks off the clones and they dissolve into ash.

Joanne and Luke head out and Luke finally says that they’ve lost each other. His hand glows and he sets fire to a cup, and Joanne pulls over and draws her gun. Luke tells her to do it, and Joanne puts away the gun, says that she really did love him, and walks away.

Tommy and Emily go to a hospital supply closet, and Tommy talks about the pressure of being extraordinary. Emily assures him that he is different, and he’ll have more fun once he accepts it. Tommy starts to kiss her, but she says that they have to focus on saving Anne. He teleports them both to the blood bank and back with the necessary blood, and they give it to the nurse. The nurse tells him that his blood went to a Federal database and they know that he’s an Evo, and promises to take care of Anne. When they get to the lobby, they find agents waiting for them. Emily tells Tommy to be himself… and be extraordinary. When Tommy prepares to teleport., Agent Cutler steps forward and warns him that if he teleports then Anne won’t get the blood.

Jose returns to the garage as Carlos starts up the car. Carlos refuses to take him with it, warning that it’s too dangerous, and drives off. Angry, Jose tosses away a socket attachment... and it falls into the grille leading to the lair below. He climbs down and realizes that his father was El Vengador, As Jose climbs up, Mauricio drives in and the boy shows him his mask and demonstrates his ability. Dearing comes in and Mauricio tells him to find Carlos. The captain tasers Mauricio before he can use his powers.

Taylor leads Quentin and Noah into a room filled with Evos strapped to tables.

Outside, Miko and Ren approach the building. Miko is ready to fight her away in, but Ren tells her to take off her sweatshirt and reveal the Katana Girl costume she’s wearing. Once she does, Miko walks to the gate where dozens of other Katana Girl fans in costume have gathered. When they see their hero, they swarm her.

Francis is among the imprisoned Evos, and Taylor realizes that her mother has been lying to her all along. Noah figures that Erica has figured out a way to harvest Evo powers. Molly calls to Noah and he starts to free her. She warns that there’s no stopping it, and says that Noah should never have found her. Molly grabs his gun and warns that it’s about much more than June 13 and the two of them, and she was there in the hospital when Claire died. Noah asks what happened, and Molly says that they all knew at stake and agreed to do whatever was necessary to keep “them” save. She puts the gun to her head and says that she never gave Erica the location, and refuses to help her kill seven billion people. When Noah asks her to put the gun down, Molly tells him to save the future and shoots herself. As an alarm goes off, Noah picks up the gun and Quentin warns that they have to leave before the guards arrive.

A minute later, Harris and his security guards arrive. As the guards search for the intruders, Harris goes to Erica and tells her that they lost Molly. Security picked up Noah... and Taylor. Harris assures his boss that they can still pick up Evos within 100 yards, but admits that they didn't find "it." Erica tells him to find the child and kill it, and that this time Harris is to take the Shadow.

In a bedroom, Phoebe concentrates and creates a sphere of pulsing darkness.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 10, 2015

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