A Wanted (In)human

The ATCU launches a public alert to bring Lincoln in, and he reluctantly turns to Daisy for help when he realizes that he's in over his head. Meanwhile, Rosalind and Coulson negotiate a deal, and Lance and Melinda take the first step to infiltrating Hydra.


By Gadfly on Oct 14, 2015

Lincoln runs through the forest and Banks and his men chase him. They follow Lincoln to a pair of electrical pylons, and Lincoln charges one of them up. Banks tells his men to run back as the pylon explodes, and Lincoln continues running. As he watches the Inhuman goes, Banks tells his men to call in and say that it's time to bring everyone in. At the base, Jemma goes to the locker room to take a shower in the dark. Coulson briefs the team on what they have to look out for with Jemma havin…

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Episode Discussion

gjuniorX posted 3 years ago

Very good episode,this season is looking so good!

cobraa posted 3 years ago

not liking Lincoln,

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