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A Wanted (Inhu)man Recap

Lincoln runs through the forest and Banks and his men chase him. They follow Lincoln to a pair of electrical pylons, and Lincoln charges one of them up. Banks tells his men to run back as the pylon explodes, and Lincoln continues running. As he watches the Inhuman goes, Banks tells his men to call in and say that it's time to bring everyone in.

At the base, Jemma goes to the locker room to take a shower in the dark.

Coulson briefs the team on what they have to look out for with Jemma having lived on another planet for months. Jemma has reported that she was being hunted but she didn't say what. Coulson tells them to monitor their friend and that he has a call in to Andrew to come in to check Jemma's mental health. Daisy comes in and tells Coulson and Mack that Lincoln is in trouble. The ATCHU has put out a nationwide BOLO on him. Mack reminds the others that Lincoln didn't want their help, but Coulson figures that they need to bring him in. Daisy admits that Lincoln hasn't been messaging her back, and Coulson admits that they know how to find him.

Daisy calls Lincoln and says that they know he just bought the phone he's using. She warns him that there's a BOLO out for him, but he hangs up on her and destroys the phone. He realizes that Mack put a tracer on him at the hospital, and shorts out the tracer.

Lance and Melinda go to a bar where a former Hydra agent, Spud, is working. They approach Spud, who recognizes Lance from when Lance was undercover. Spud hugs her and orders drinks, and both Lance and Spud tell her to wait to have a few drinks before they get down to business. Once they've had a lot of drinks, Melinda says that they have high-end weapons to sell. They need buyers and can give Spud a finder's fee, and he says that the people he knows have trust issues. Lance wonders what they have to do, and Spud says that they'll have to fight their way in.

The team watches a public broadcast about Lincoln being a public threat.

Lincoln catches a bus cross-country and the newscast is running on the bus. There are soldiers on board, and Lincoln shorts out the ignition and then prepares to leave. One of the soldiers grabs him and says that he knows who he is. Lincoln shoves him away and grabs the poles, and electrifies the entire bus. He then blasts the door open and walks away.

Coulson mobilizes the team to monitor law enforcement channels for Lincoln's location. He warns Daisy that the authorities are on a hair trigger, and Daisy complains that she wasn't told about the tracer. Coulson admits that he didn't expect an Inhuman manhunt and Daisy agrees to cooperate. In the lab, Fitz shows Jemma around and helps her acclimate to earth's gravity. Bobby comes in as Jemma finds the fragments of the portal on a table. Bobby's phone rings and Jemma reacts to the noise. She tells Fitz that she's fine as Bobby says that Lance is calling. As they arrive at Jemma's old table, Jemma jumps and says that she's not accustomed to so many distractions. She says that she didn't have time or the inclination to study the alien environment, and Fitz agrees to take her back to her room.

In the hallway, Bobby tells Lance about Jemma's recovery. He says that they've found no sign of Grant. Once he hangs up, Melinda points out that he lied to Bobby, and Lance assures her that Bobby knows he's lying. He brings up Melinda's relationship with Andrew, but she doesn't take the bait and asks about Spud. Lance continues pursuing the matter, saying that he figured that Melinda walked away from Andrew because she doesn't like talking. She tells Lance that they need to work, and Lance warns her that if word gets out of an Asian women beating up much larger men, it could cause problems. Before they leave, Melinda tells Lance that she didn't leave Andrew because they talked too much.

Lincoln calls his AA sponsor, John Donnelly, who drives to his location and asks if he's been drinking. When Lincoln says that he hasn't but he wanted to, John offers him a ride. Nearby, an ATM machine continues fritzing out. They got to John's apartment and John asks what's going on. Lincoln admits that he's in trouble but it's a misunderstanding. John accepts that and asks what he needs, and Lincoln asks to buy his car off of him. The sponsor immediately agrees and tells Lincoln to take it easy while he makes dinner. Once Lincoln dozes off on the couch, John turns on the TV... and sees a news report about Lincoln being a wanted man.

Banks meets with Rosalind and figures that Lincoln will show eventually. Rosalind warns that they have to show progress, just as her assistant tells her that the White House is calling. She takes the call and Coulson comes on. He explains that he's using a pirated satellite connection and offers his help. Coulson wants the two of them to meet on neutral ground, just as Banks gets a call that they've found Lincoln. Rosalind tells him to do what he has to and then agrees to meet with Coulson.

Daisy brings daisies to Jemma and apologies for not coming sooner. She tells her friend to do whatever she has to, to get better, and Jemma wants to hear about the Terigen outbreak.

John sees Lincoln looking out the window and asks if he's watching for something. When he realizes that his sponsor is acting nervous, Lincoln asks what's up. John grabs a baseball bat and says that the ATCU will be there any minute. The Inhuman insists that he didn't kill anyone and reminds John that he said he knew what kind of man he is. Lincoln leaves the money he took from the ATM machine and blasts the bat out of John's hands, and John collapses of a heart attack. Concentrating, Lincoln tries to jumpstart his heart without success and hears the ATCU agents pull up outside.

Jemma starts to talk about what happened when Daisy gets a call from Lincoln. He says that he needs help.

Banks leads a team to John's apartment and they kick down the door. John's corpse is on the floor and there's no sign of Lincoln.

At the base, Daisy tells Coulson and Mack that they need to bring him in. She insists that John's death was an accident, and that she has to come along because Lincoln won't come along without her. Meanwhile, Coulson tells them that he's going to the beach.

In the weight room, Fitz is overseeing Bobbi's rehab. She asks Fitz if he checked on Jemma, and he admits that he doesn't know how to help her. Bobby says that he has to have patience, and says that Jemma's lab might remind her of the time she's lost. She suggests that Fitz start fresh and give Jemma something to look forward to.

On a deserted beach, Coulson waits for Rosalind to pull up. He admires her antique car and thanks her for coming, and then warns her that things will get ugly if she keeps panicking the public.

Lance and Melinda go to the fighting ring and watch as the main fighter beats up the person before them. Lance enters the ring and Spud steps up. He says that they're not mates no matter what Lance thought, and the referee says that there are no rules just as Spud punches Lance. Meanwhile, a man hits on Melinda. When she refuses, he repeats his invitation and two men man joins him. The men lead Melinda into the next room and she asks who's first. She then takes down all three of them in a matter of seconds.

Spud continues tossing Lance around the ring as Melinda comes back. When Lance goes down, he pockets a pair of brass knuckles and punches Spud repeatedly until he drops. When he asks if someone is going to call it, the referee points out that Spud isn't breathing.

On the beach, Rosalind points out that S.H.I.E.L.D. imploded, and people need to feel safe. Coulson asks her to let his team bring it in, and Rosalind refuses.

Banks and his men move into John's apartment complex. Daisy gets there first and goes to an empty apartment, and Lincoln steps out. He says that he killed John and everything they're saying about him is true.

Rosalind insists that they won't dissect Lincoln, but Coulson figures that she's under pressure to show results. She admits that he's not wrong and wonders why they're there. Coulson wonders why she's ignoring Daisy, and Rosalind knows that Daisy works for Coulson. When he wonders what he has to do to keep things quiet, Rosalind says that he knows what he wants.

Lincoln warns Daisy that she doesn't know the real him, who had to be saved from himself over and over. She reminds him that he was the one who gave her a place in the world, and he helps people because he's meant to do. Lincoln says that part of his life is over, but Daisy says that she has a purpose because of Lincoln convinced her that she did. She begs him to do the same for him, but Lincoln says that she's wasting her time. Daisy kisses him and Lincoln agrees to go with her.

Mack comes in and says that there's been a change of plans... and the ATCU agents come in behind him. As Banks comes in, Mack says that Coulson has ordered them to hand Lincoln over to the ATCU. Lincoln knocks everyone back and runs out, and Banks says that they'll take Daisy instead. He warns that they have three snipers outside ready to engage, and Mack draws a gun on him.

Coulson tells Rosalind to order her men to stand down. If she takes Daisy in then Coulson will dedicate all of his resources to crushing the ATCU. When Rosalind says that she needs results, Coulson offers her something better. A minute later, Banks receives new orders and tells his men that they're done.

Fitz takes Jemma to an empty restaurant and explains that he made sure she wouldn't have any distractions. The maitre'd take them to a table and explains that they've been holding Fitz's reservation for months. She thanks Fitz for finding her, just as the maitre'd pours wine. Jemma stares at it and breaks into tears, and Fitz goes over to hug her.

Back at HQ, Coulson tells Daisy that he had to make a choice. She wonders why they didn't take her, and Coulson says that he offered his expertise. He says that he's done fighting against their own side, but Daisy tells him not to trust the ATCU because they have no idea what their real agenda is. Rosalind calls and Daisy walks out of the office. Once he's alone, Coulson takes the call.

Mack is playing video games when Daisy comes in and thanks him for not telling Coulson what she said to Lincoln. He hands her a controller and says that he could use some backup, and Daisy joins him.

The referee ushers Lincoln to a private room where Grant's aide Kebo is waiting. Kebo says that his boss is always ready to meet with people who impress him, and Lance says that he hopes to meet Grant someday.

Bobbi is exercising and then goes to her quarters. She sees Jemma in the lab examining a fragment of the portal and goes in. Jemma warns that it may not be inert and Bobby assures her that she's safe. When she assures her that the portal won't open again, Jemma says that it has to because she has to go back.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 14, 2015

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