Many Heads, One Tale

Having gained Rosalind's trust, Coulson distracts her with a tour of the base while the rest of the team breaks into the ATCU headquarters to learn about the Inhumans they have captured and their attempts at a cure. Meanwhile,Grant learns the true secret of Hydra.


By Gadfly on Nov 18, 2015

Gideon and Grant have food and Gideon talks about how the octopus symbolizes Hydra. Grant points out that he cleared away the fat of the old Hydra, and Gideon figures that he's looking for the Van Strucker vault. His guest doesn't believe him and figures that Gideon has the vault. It contains Hydra's greatest power, and Grant suggests that they put it to good use together. One of Gideon's agents, Mr. Giyera, comes in and Gideon explains that he doesn't have time to give Grant a history lesson. H…

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Episode Discussion

Thogek posted 3 years ago

A very interesting collection of things here: an unexpected coming together of threads, including an expansion of Hydra's history... I like when you can see some well-thought-through deliberate plans playing backbone to the ongoing story...

zutroy posted 3 years ago

This was an amazing episode. This entire season hasn't let up for a second!

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