Mack and his team invade the Hydra castle in the hopes of bringing Fitz and Coulson back through the portal. Meanwhile, on the alien world Grant's team find Will and Fitz convinces him to lead them to the extraction point.


By Gadfly on Dec 9, 2015

On the alien planet, Grant and his team take Fitz with them as they explore the planet. Distracted, Fitz steps away and Grant reminds him that they have less than six hours to find the portal. When Fitz comes over and says that he needs time to work out the program from Jemma's data, Grant kicks him down a hill and says that if he doesn't return then they'll kill Jemma. Fitz insists that it's a waste of time and Gideon only sent Grant because he's expendable. One of the Hydra soldiers calls the…

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JCuervo_a posted a year ago

One of the best episodes, in my opinion.

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