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Maveth Recap

On the alien planet, Grant and his team take Fitz with them as they explore the planet. Distracted, Fitz steps away and Grant reminds him that they have less than six hours to find the portal. When Fitz comes over and says that he needs time to work out the program from Jemma's data, Grant kicks him down a hill and says that if he doesn't return then they'll kill Jemma. Fitz insists that it's a waste of time and Gideon only sent Grant because he's expendable. One of the Hydra soldiers calls the others over, and they discover that he's found a bizarre city nestled in the hills.

Bobbi and Lance dock the Quinjet with the Aether and Mack demands to know what Coulson was thinking. Lance says that he went after Grant and admits that he was planning on jumping into the portal as well. They explain that Grant took Fitz or Jemma with him, and all they need to do is take the castle and reopen the portal. Daisy calls them up to the command center and shows them a satellite scan of the Hydra compound outside the castle. Twelve of the Inhuman gel-matrix containers are there, and Melinda figures that Andrew is there as well. Lincoln wonders exactly what they're doing, and Mack says that they'll have to sneak in and take the castle without gunfire or backup. He divides them into two tactical teams: one to search for Fitz or Jemma, and one to secure the castle.

In the castle, Giyera informs Gideon that the Inhumans are there and ready to be revived. Gideon says that the Inhumans are presents for the Hydra Inhuman, and Jemma says that they only have 61 seconds to hold the portal open. Gideon points out the word "Maveth" carved around the castle, and explains that it means "death." He tells Jemma that the only thing coming through the portal is death, and Fitz is an offering to the Inhuman.

Daisy scans the area and finds aqueducts leading from the river to the portal to power the portal machinery. She figures they can enter the compound through the aqueducts, and Mack plans to take Bobbi and Lance in to barricade the door and open the portal. Melinda, Daisy, Lincoln, and Joey will come out on the other side, find their people, and get out.

On the planet, Grant's team heads for the city. Fitz wonders how they're going to find the Inhuman, and grant says that it's none of his concern. The scientist finds the ridge with the portal and quickly opens it and drops into Will's camp. Will is there, sleeping with a wounded leg and Fitz wakes him up. He realizes that his visitor is Fitz, just as Grant drops down. Fitz explains that Will is going to be their guide.

Coulson is dreaming of lying next to Rosalind in bed. She assures him that he hasn't lost her, and tells Coulson that he needs to get up. Coulson suggests that they stay there for a while, but Rosalind says that it's time because they need him more than ever. He wakes up on the planet and realizes where he is, checks his gun, and heads out.

Grant prepares to shoot Will, and Fitz insists that they need Will to get to the portal in time. hesitating, Grant notices Will's patch and asks how long he's been there. He figures that Will and Jemma wee together when she was stranded there. Will explains that he was attacked after Jemma left, and Fitz says that Jemma is safe and they're all going to leave. Grant asks what attacked him and says that he brought the creature a gift.

The team enters the aqueduct and splits up as planned. Melinda's team emerge above-ground and they start taking out the sentries.

In the command center, Jemma slips a tool out of her sleeve and starts working on her handcuffs.

Melinda and her team take up position and Lincoln moves off to shut down the lights with his powers. Jemma breaks free and sneaks out.

On the planet, Fitz tells Will that Grant works for the same group that sent Will there. The group wants to find the creature and bring it back, and Fitz says that Grant needs them alive because he's the only one who can lead them to the portal. Will tells him to follow his lead and stops, and points out a canyon up ahead. After a moment, Grant tells him to lead on.

Jemma hides in the tents and finds the Inhuman containers, and realizes what is inside. The soldiers realize that she has escaped, and Jemma quickly hides. She finds the S.H.I.E.L.D. containment module, and Andrew peers out and asks her to let him out. Jemma tells him where they are and what's going on, and points out that she's autopsied Andrew's victims. Andrew says that they both hate Hydra and promises to help her. The soldiers move in and Jemma reluctantly opens the door. Once the soldiers enter the module, Andrew transforms into Lash and kills them.

Coulson finds Fitz's discarded jacket and continues following the group's trail.

Grant asks Will about the city, and the astronaut warns that all he's ever seen on the planet is death. As Grant explains about the Inhumans, a storm blows up. Will warns Fitz that they're in the no-fly zone that he showed Jemma.

Mack, Lance, and Bobbi enter the castle and take out the guard, and work out where they need to go. There are a dozen soldiers between them and the portal chamber, and Bobbi goes to disposes of them. After a moment, Lance joins her and Mack follows.

Grant's team shelter from the storm, and Will knocks out his guard. He takes the man's knife and signals to Fitz, who distracts another soldier so that Will can cut his throat. The two men move off.

Daisy enters the command center and takes out the technicians. Giyera comes in and shoots her, just as Lincoln and Joey arrive. Joey jumps in the way and melts the bullets as they hit him, and Lincoln stuns Giyera unconscious. Daisy warns that the Hydra soldiers will hear the gunfire and they move out.

A soldier finds Jemma and prepares to kill her... and Melinda tosses a knife into his back. Jemma says that Andrew is there, but Melinda says that they have to focus on the mission and radios Daisy that she's on the way.

Grant figures that they have to go and finds his two dead men. Shots ring out and Grant's two remaining soldiers go down. Another shot wounds Grant, and Coulson steps out of the storm. When Grant warns that Coulson won't find Fitz without him, Coulson says that he isn't there for Fitz. Grant warns that Fitz is bleeding and the Inhuman can smell blood. Coulson pistol-whips him, points out that now he's bleeding as well, and tells him to lead the way.

Jemma and Melinda find the others and they go to the portal chamber. They've sealed and barricaded the doors, and Joey offers to use his power to reinforce the doors. Mack is studying the portal device and Jemma figures that the rocks are set to open automatically in 47 minutes. However, she warns that Fitz has to find the extraction point. They realize that Melinda is gone, and Jemma explains that Andrew is free. Mack warns that what Melinda does when she finds Andrew depends on what she finds.

Melinda finds the containers open and Inhuman corpses everywhere.

As they head for the extraction point, Grant says that he's seen something that gave his life meaning. He tells Coulson that he's been filled with rage and wanting revenge, and chose Hydra for selfish reasons: for closure. Coulson shoots him in the shoulder and tells him to start walking. Grant says that the planet is a new beginning, and it's all meant to be. He figures that Coulson is there as well as part of a grand plan, and promises that Coulson will soon understand what he means.

Jemma tells the others about Gideon's plan, and Lincoln warns that they can't let the Hydra Inhuman through. Mack doesn't believe in its existence, and Jemma describes what little that she saw. She says that she felt that the Inhuman was old and pained, and it caused the desolation on the planet. Lincoln wants to destroy the portal machinery regardless of what happens to Fitz and Coulson. Daisy says that they have to rescue the Inhumans, and Melinda returns and says that Lash killed them all.

Gideon finds the dead Inhumans and a soldier tells him that S.H.I.E.L.D. has infiltrated the castle. The director tells him to breach the chamber in the next 15 minutes.

On the planet, Coulson spots Will and Fitz far ahead. Grant says that they're running out of time and Coulson says that they have to move faster.

The chamber shakes as Hydra tries to break in. Jemma refuses to destroy the portal machinery, and Mack tells everyone to get out and he'll wait until the last possible moment for Fitz and Coulson. He orders the team to destroy the castle if Hydra enters the chamber or the Inhuman comes through. The others refuses to leave, but Mack insists that they can't afford to lose their best agents. He puts Melinda in charge if he dies, but Daisy refuses to abandon her partner. Mack agrees and orders the others out.

Fitz and Will head for the portal and Fitz says that Jemma will be glad to see Will. They see the city nearby and Fitz takes pictures of it. As they continue on, Will explains there used to be nine cities on the planet. They warred among themselves and destroyed their entire race. Fitz binds Will's leg, and realizes that the flesh beneath isn't human. "Will" says that the real Will died saving Jemma from him, and kicks Fitz down the slope. Fitz tries to run and the Inhuman tackles him. The two men fight and the Inhuman knocks Fitz to the ground.

The team land on the Aether and Melinda brings all weapon systems online. They confirm that Hydra is inside the castle, and Bobbi wonders if they're going to make it.

With three minutes left, Mack and Daisy realize that Hydra is closing in.

Grant and Coulson come over the rise and spot Will preparing to beat Fitz's skull in with a rock. Coulson shoots him and Grant slams into him.

The portal starts to open, and they prepare to shoot anything that comes through if it's not their people.

Fitz backs away from the wounded Inhuman as the portal opens. It staggers toward the portal, and Fitz grabs a gun and shoots it repeatedly.

On the Aether, the team realizes that Hydra is almost in. Melinda prepares to give the command to open fire.

Coulson finally takes Grant down and asks how many people he's killed. Meanwhile, the Inhuman crawls toward the portal. Fitz shoots it with a flare and it goes down.

Daisy warns that they're out of time and collapses from the feedback.

Fitz yells to Coulson that the portal is closing and they have to go. Coulson looks down at the unconscious Grant and remembers Rosalind. He crushes Grant's chest with his artificial hand and then leaves it lying next to Grant. Coulson then heads for the portal and Fitz runs for it past the burning corpse.

Melinda fires the missiles and destroys the castle. However, Mack flies out in the containment module and says that he's bringing them in. The team gathers to welcome Coulson and Fitz back, and Jemma realizes that Will isn't among them. Lincoln kisses Daisy, and Melinda hugs Coulson. Jemma realize that Will is dead and hugs Fitz, crying. He looks over at Coulson, who looks at him.

Gideon is driving to the airport with his soldiers. They come to a man standing in the road ahead of them, and pull to a stop. It's the Inhuman, wearing Grant's body and holding Coulson's hand.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 9, 2015

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