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Pretty Little Picture

At Susan's urging, the ladies decide to throw a dinner party in Mary Alice's honor. A little girl catches Gabrielle kissing John and blackmails her into buying her gifts. Lynette's husband Tom volunteers to babysit the kids while she is at the party. Meanwhile, Mary Alice's son, Zach, finds the revolver his mother used to kill herself. Dr. Goldfine suggests private sessions for the Van de Kamps, at the reluctance of Bree. Susan calls her ex-husband Karl over to talk about their problems, which eventually results in her locking herself out of her house naked. At the party, Rex tells everyone about their marriage counselling sessions. In anger, Bree humiliates him in front of the others, causing Rex to move out on her. Susan tells Karl that she is over him, with his lover, Brandi apologizing to her about her involvement in ending their marriage. Bree raids Dr Goldfine's tapes to find out what Rex had said in his session, finding a tape with Mary Alice's name instead. Paul puts up the Youngs' house for sale.

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By IngridPatriota on Aug 25, 2017

At the start of the episode, the four housewives are reading different parts of the daily papers. Susan scans the front page and sees something. On her calendar she sees a Post-it note on that day's date which reads "Mary Alice's Dinner". She walks over to Lynette's house and there is a flashback of Susan walking into Lynette's house for their weekly poker game. Mary Alice tells the girls that she wants to host a dinner party, for the housewives and their husbands. The girls all agree that it is…

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