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Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat

Hopper breaks into the lab while Nancy and Jonathan confront the force that took Will. The boys ask Mr. Clarke how to travel to another dimension.

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By Gadfly on Sep 3, 2016

At the energy lab, two scientists leave for the night and Jim slips in through the temporarily open door. He comes to the area that he saw earlier with the biohazard warnings, and goes inside. The next door is locked, and Hawkins and a guard come up behind Jim, guns drawn. Jim claims that Brenner asked for him specifically, and Hawkins starts to call. When he’s distracted, Jim punches him unconscious and draws his gun on the guard. He then takes the guard’s swipe badge and lets himself in, and t…

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Episode Discussion

bernardo90 posted 7 years ago

every new episode get's you like: seriously, what is going on?

great show!

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