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Chapter Eight: The Upside Down

Jim convinces Brenner to let him and Joyce enter the Upside Down to find Will... unaware that Brenner plans to recover Jane no matter what it takes. Meanwhile, Nancy and Jonathan prepare to trap the monster at the Byers house, but receive an unexpected visitor.

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By Gadfly on Sep 4, 2016

At Hawkins Lab, Joyce is handcuffed to a chair in an interrogation room. She yells for someone to let her out, and Brenner finally comes in. He says that they know she’s been in contact with Will and asks when and how. Brenner says that six people have been taken and they don’t understand the monster, but they can predict its behavior. He warns that the monster will take more sons and daughters, and he wants to save them all... including Will. Joyce says that she knows who he is and what he’s do…

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Episode Discussion

bernardo90 posted 4 years ago

Netflix has to expand the show for another season!

Wynn posted 4 years ago

Most positive about the first half though. It got a bit cheesy towards the end. It stayed within reasonable limits of the universe it had built up though. Not too sure about a second season either though, think it should've kept the story to a single season miniseries and ended it there.

Wynn posted 4 years ago

Quite a show, aye. Can definitely be recommended.

SilverSurfer posted 4 years ago

First 4 episodes weren't that great ... last 4 not as bad

JuanArango posted 4 years ago

This was a great fun show and I think the ending is perfect, not sure about a second season.

Aidan posted 4 years ago

A second season would be awesome. I guess they left things open enough for that to work

Harnas posted 4 years ago

What a surprising serie. I hope there will be a Season 2.

Definitely one of the best serie start this year.

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