The Inside Man

Coulson and a reluctant Talbot attend an international symposium on the Inhumans, and discover a traitor in their midst. Meanwhile, the team meets Talbot's new bodyguard, who may provide a vaccine against Terrigenesis.


By Gadfly on Mar 16, 2016

On the alien planet, Coulson kills Grant and heads for the portal. The Inhuman alien enters Grant's body and relives his memories. In the Hydra base, the Inhuman--Hive--wishes that he could have met Grant. Malick comes in and, overhearing, says that Grant was a good soldier for Hydra. Hive is satisfied that Grant is a perfect host, and Malick says that he's recruited a new Inhuman. He brings in Lucio from Bogota, and Hive tells the guards to remove the bandages over the man's eyes. Giyera doe…

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