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At the Vanishing Point, the Time Masters reveal the source of their power to Rip and how they've been manipulating the team... and why. Meanwhile, Mick is reprogrammed to serve as Chronos once more and hunt down Sara and Len, while Vandal travels to 2166 with Kendra to fulfill his destiny.

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By Gadfly on May 13, 2016

Star City – 2016 Rip shows his recruits an image of the future after Vandal has conquered the world, and hopes that they won't let him and the world down. He then gives them an address to meet him at if their answer is yes. Once the team is alone, Len says that he isn't interested in saving the world. He leaves with Mick, and Jax says that he's not going to sign on just to die in the future. Martin goes after him, and tells Jax that he has confidence that they can save the world. He asks Jax…

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JuanArango posted 7 years ago

Such a fun, sad and amazing ep :)

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