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The Race of His Life

The team discovers what Zoom is up to, and why he wants Barry to race him. When they realize that Barry is out of control after the death of someone close to him, they lock Barry up for his own safety rather than let him participate in a race he can't win.

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By Gadfly on May 25, 2016

Barry screams in anger as Zoom kills Henry in front of him. He goes to his father and pleads with him not to leave him, but Henry is gone. Zoom reminds Barry that family is a weakness, and figures that he feels the anger. He insists that now the two of them are the same, and Barry slams him against the wall. Zoom tells him to us his anger like he did, and streaks across the city. Barry goes after him, and the two of them run through the streets. They fight across the city and Barry finally beats…

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Episode Discussion

JCuervo_a posted 5 years ago

"Local man ruins everything"... Barry, Barry, Barry....

wildandwild posted 5 years ago

Yeah, because THAT'S not gonna come back to bite everyone in the butt at all.

JuanArango posted 5 years ago

he should NOT have done this :/

Thomas posted 5 years ago

oh oh oh barry, what did you do??

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