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Monument Point

The team is forced to find Noah Kuttler--Felicity's father--to disarm the nuclear missiles that Damien has taken control of. However, Damien has sent two of his men to kill Noah and prevent his interference. Meanwhile, Anarky finds Damien's shelter and tries to destroy it.

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By Gadfly on May 12, 2016

At a missile attack warning center in Russia, alarms go off and a technician informs the general in charge that the warheads are arming themselves. At the bunker, Lyla informs the team that Hive now controls every nuclear missile in the world. They have just under 21 hours before Damien completes the start-up sequence and begins launching missiles. Felicity admits that she can't hack the Rubicon algorithm... but her father Noah can. Diggle points out that Noah is a criminal, but Felicity figu…

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Episode Discussion

SilverSurfer posted 6 years ago

You're fighting an evil, magic powered villain and you get the chance to kill him ... but noooooooooooo, arrest him and put him on trial because you can't kill anymore, it's wrong. Of course he escapes, leaving a trail of bodies of innocents on the way to killing 7 billion only to be thwarted and _just_ killing +/- 10 thousand ... so far. You even get the chance to kill some of his henchmen and take those pieces off the board ... but noooooooooo, beat them up but leave them alive so they can come back and block you from preventing a nuke launch.

It's starting to become a drag to watch the DC/CW shows on a season long set of naval gazing bad decisions. All of them need to pull their heads out of their a**es and stop being part of the problem and BE the solution.

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