Failed Experiments

Coulson sends a strike team to eliminate Hive before he poses a danger to the world. Meanwhile, Mack tries to save Daisy, and Lincoln insists on taking the anti-toxin that Fitz-Simmons has created to defeat Hive's parasites.


By Gadfly on May 4, 2016

Over a millennia ago, the Mayan who will become Hive hunts down a boar and kills it, and then looks up as an alien ship lands nearby. The man runs off and trips, and finds himself confronting two Kree Reapers. Hive explains that the Kree Reapers took him back to their ship and began the experiment. They used their blood to transform his DNA and initiating terragenesis. The first Inhumans were Daisy's ancestors. Hive then talks to the remaining Hydra directors and points out that they're the o…

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