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Failed Experiments Recap

Over a millennia ago, the Mayan who will become Hive hunts down a boar and kills it, and then looks up as an alien ship lands nearby. The man runs off and trips, and finds himself confronting two Kree Reapers.

Hive explains that the Kree Reapers took him back to their ship and began the experiment. They used their blood to transform his DNA and initiating terragenesis. The first Inhumans were Daisy's ancestors. Hive then talks to the remaining Hydra directors and points out that they're the only faithful to evade capture after Gideon's betrayal. He says that it's time for their reward, and that they're next.

At the base, Lincoln asks Melinda if there's any word on Daisy. He just wants to help, and Melinda reminds him that the last time he helped, it wasn't helpful. She points out that he was torturing Alisha for answers, and Lincoln refuses to apologize for trying to save someone he cares about. Melinda tells him that they all care about Daisy, and tells Lincoln to help by stop trying to help.

In the lab, Fitzsimmons are trying to create a way to negate Hive's parasites. Jemma worries that the antitoxin would kill a human host, and they don't know what it will do to Inhuman DNA. Fitz doesn't see that they have a choice, and reminds her that Daisy threatened to kill him. Jemma points out that she had to put up with Hive using Grant's face, and wonders which Inhuman will test the antitoxin. Lincoln comes in, overhears, and volunteers himself as a test subject.

In his office, Coulson is running searches for Daisy and finally spots her at a mechanic's garage in south Wyoming. Mack discovers that it's a mining town that went through a natural-gas boon. Dirty wells drove out most of the locals, and Hydra recently bought it out through a shell company. They figure that Hive has relocated there, and Coulson figures that Daisy let herself being seen to set a trap. He points out that Daisy is the one who programmed the facial recognition software they use to find her. Mack figures that Daisy wants them to find her, but Coulson doesn't believe it. He overrides Mack and tells him that he wants him and Melinda to lead targeted strike in to kill Hive.

In the town, Hive explains that it represents the worse of humanity. Daisy figures that the town needed strong leadership, and tells Hive that Coulson is the reason she joined S.H.I.E.L.D.. Hive insists that S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Kree both made soldiers for their unending wars, and that S.H.I.E.L.D. exists to fight wars. Daisy wonders how they're different, and Hive says that he's no soldier. They go to a mining facilty and Daisy wonders how Hive got kicked off of Earth. He explains that when people saw the connection he had with other Inhumans, it bred fear that led to civil war. Now they can recreate the Kree experiment. Holden has rigged up their patients to his compound. He hopes to transform their DNA and make them Inhumans. Hive plans to give everyone superpowers , and tells Holden to go ahead. He injects the compound and the three volunteers writhe in pain and then melt.

Melinda and Mack prepare to move out as the teams load up the Zephyr with weapons. Mack tells agents O'Brien and Piper that they'll be loaded up with the best equipment S.H.I.E.L.D. has. He insists that Melinda take a gun, warning that they can't leave anything to chance. When Melinda wonders why he's so motivated, Mack says that it's on him because Daisy was his partner. She tells him to get his head on straight, and Mack says that the mission is about him making thigns right.

In the lab, Fitzsimmons tells Coulson about their plan. Lincoln figures that Jemma is being overly cautious, and Coulson asks Fitz for his opinion. Fitz says that he thinks there's a chance the cure could work. When Jemma asks him if he wants Daisy to die, Fitz says that they have to take the chance. Coulson refuses to give his approval, and tells Fitzsimmons to come up with other otpions.

At a bar in the mining town, James and the Alishas drink and play pinball. Daisy joins them and James says that he never liked people so he moved away from them. He invites her to dance and she refuses, and James wonders if she's pining over Lincoln. The man points out that S.H.I.E.L.D. is trying to stop them, and figures that they're on the opposite side and it's going to end baldy for them. Daisy says that there might be one way: make them understand.

Holden warns Hive that the DNA makeup of Inhumans is incredibly complex. He says that it would work if he had the right ingredients, and says that he needs DNA from a living Kree. Hive's blood is from a dead host. Holden wasn't sure and was frightened, and Hive chokes him and says that he can take his body and his mind. The scientist insists that he can make it work, and he wants it to make it work. Hive releases him and pulls the cloth off a device, and tells Holden to be terrified of what they can do.

Agent Anderson preps the strike team, warning that there are at least 40 combatants in the town. Coulson tells the team not to kill Hive, and to not engage the other Inhumans. If Hive can't be killed, then Coulson advises them to run.

Fitz talks to Jemma and asks if they're good after their disagreement. She says that they are, and they both agreement that they shouldn't let their work disagreements affect their relationship. As they return to the lab, they see Lincoln injecting himself with the antitoxin. His powers go crazy and he collapses. Jemma prepares to give him a elixir to counter the antitoxin, but he says that his body can handle the antitoxin and begs them to let him do it.

Coulson watches from the Zephyr via the helmet feeds as the strike team searches the town. They spot James walking down the street and follow him back to the bar. Melinda then goes in posing as a Hydra agent and says that the area is only authorized for Hydra members. James flirts with her, and Melinda demands to know what he's doing there. He uses his power to detonate a pool ball and Melinda apologizes. James says that if she has a drink with him then he'll consider it. As they drink, James talks about Hive is working on an experiment to turn humans into Inhumans. Listening in, Coulson figures that's why Hive abducted Holden.

Hive summons Daisy and tells her that they were both given powers by outside forces. He wonders if she can defeat what made her, and says that S.H.I.E.L.D. will attempt to sabotage their connection. Daisy wants to put them through Holden's process once the man has worked out the kinks, and insists that she has to try. Hive asks her what she will do if she fails, and Daisy says that she'll rip their heart out. Relived, Hive tells her that their plans have changed.

Lincoln tells Fitz that they both knew he did the right thing. Fitz points out that Lincoln disobeyed Coulson's orders, and Jemma comes over to says that she'll need to take a brain sample. Lincoln is less than thrilled, and Jemma goes to work.

Melinda plays pool with James and suggests that she'd like to meet Hive. James offers to introduce her, and says that Hive is in the abandoned mine facility. Once she has the information she needs, Melinda knocks James out. Mack and the others have heard the conversation, and move in on the facility.

Hive tells Daisy that S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming for them.

The strike team hear some kind of broadcast device, and find a device with Kree writing transmitting a signal. Anderson warns that something is incoming, and Coulson tells the team to move out.

Hive tells Daisy that the Kree are coming.

As the team gets out, a ship satellite into the facility. Two Kree Reapers emerge from the burning building.

At the town church, Hive tells Daisy that he sent a signal to the Kree. He explains that they're Reapers and exist only to hunt. They've been in stasis for thousands of years, orbiting the solar system. Daisy points out that they're the only beings who can defeat Hive, but Hive figures that they can defeat them together. He explains that they need blood for a living Kree, and wants Daisy to get it.

Melinda rejoins the team and Mack wonds who side the Reapers are on.

Two of the Alishas attack one of the Reapers, and he kills them both. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team watches from a distant, and Melinda wonders why Hive summoned hunters. Coulson tells them to follow at a close distance but to not engage. The Reaper heads for the church and the ground shakes. Mack realizes that it's Daisy and goes to rescue his former partner, telling the others to meet him at the extraction point.

The other Reaper enters the facility and daisy steps out to blast it back. He charges back at her, and Daisy fights him. She disarms him and smashes him down, and the breaks it spines. Daisy then tells Holden to drain it.

The other Reaper enters the church and confronts Hive. Meanwhile, Melinda, O'Brien, and Piper come in and Melinda tells the others to stay down in case the Reaper kills Hive for them. Meanwhile, Hive says that they don't have to fight.The Reaper attacks him and Hive esily avoids his blows.

Holden removes the blood from the Kree, and tells Daisy that they'll have all the blood that they need. Mack comes in and says that Daisy is coming with him. She says that she doesn't need Mack's help, and insists that she's doing it to save him by making him an Inhuman. Daisy insists that she isn't lost anymore, and Mack says that Hive is messing with her head. She points out that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been messing with their heads, and they had no choice. Mack insists that the team cares about her, and so does he, and Daisy says that Bobbi and Lance left S.H.I.E.L.D. because nobody else there mattered to them.

Daisy tells Mack to leave, and he sets down his gun and says that part of her wants to come back. He explains about the software spotting her, and says that something inside of her is resisting. Daisy says that she slipped up because she isn't a spy anymore, and he was almost like a big brother to her. However, Mack failed to be a brother to Ruben, and Daisy says that he doesn't need to be alone anymore. Mack then tosses a splinter Bomb at the Kree, dissolving him. Daisy blasts him out of the building.

Hive easily holds off the Kree.

Daisy goes after Mack and breaks his hand, and he says that he's not going to fight her. She beats him to the ground.

The Reaper throws the Hive across the room and then beats him. It dismisses Hive as a failed experiment. Hive uses his parasite to strip the Kree's flesh from his face, and Coulson tells Melinda to take the shot. The strike team opens fire but he shrugs off their bullets and a small rocket. The wounds heal instantly and Melinda orders a retreat.

Daisy continues beating Mack but he still doesn't fight back. She says that they could have had a connection that was real, and Mack tells her that she doesn't need to do it. As she uses her powers on Mack's chest, Melinda fires and knocks her off. The team calls for emergency evac, and a module drops down. The team gets Mack into it as Hive arrives and goes to Daisy. He cradles her in his arms and watches as the module flies off.

Back at the base, Jemma tends to Mack's wounds. He tells Coulson that he was right about Daisy., and Piper points out that there's nothing that can stop Hive.

Jemma visits Lincoln and tells him that the mission failed and Daisy is still alive. Lincoln says that he needed to be out helping them, and Jemma reminds him that the antitoxin has shut down his immune system. As she goes, Lincoln says that he's sorry. He doesn't know what to do, and Jemma admits that none of them do. She tells Lincoln that the antitoxin didn't work and leaves.

Hive gives Holden the Kree heart he ripped out, and says that Daisy failed them. He figure that her ties to S.H.I.E.L.D. are stronger than she claimed. Daisy says that Hive was right to trust her, and she has the DNA that she needs. Coulson used Kree blood to bring her back after Quinn shot her, and Hive can drain her to make the experiment work.

Written by Gadfly on May 4, 2016

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