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A Blade of Grass

Using hypnosis, Vanessa discovers what really happened to her during her time at the Banning Institute.

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By Gadfly on May 23, 2016

Dr. Seward asks the hypnotized Vanessa to tell her about the Orderly. Vanessa says that they barely spoke, and she doesn't remember what they talked about when they did. She tells Seward that she was in the room for five months, and the Orderly was the only one who came in that entire time. Seward has Vanessa describe the Orderly in detail, and she does. Vanessa is ripping at the padding with her fingernails when the Orderly comes in with her food. He sets down the plate and leaves. Later, he…

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Episode Discussion

venduss posted 5 years ago

This is probably the most impressive episode I've ever watched. It would be a plessure if it lasted longer, because I could definitely watch that acting for hours.

pentar posted 5 years ago

Agreed! Showtime has accomplished something incredible with this show, attracting terrific actors and compelling drama compared to most of the dreck on broadcast television.

Harnas posted 5 years ago

What an amazing episode with only 3 !!! Actors.

Best episode so far.

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