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On the planet Krypton, Val-El is executed for high treason. Fourteen years later his grandson Seg discovers that Val was trying to identify a threat that plans to destroy Krypton and countless other worlds... and wipe out Seg's grandson-to-be, Kal-El, who will one day become known as Superman.

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By Gadfly on Mar 22, 2018

On the planet Krypton in Kandor City, a young Seg-El watches as his grandfather Val-El is taken by armed guards to his trial for treason. Daron offers Val a final chance to pledge his loyalty to The Voice of Rao. Val refuses and Daron whispers to him that all of the council has sworn their loyalty. Val insists that they are not alone in the universe and warns that Krypton is vulnerable. Daron declares Val guilty of sedition, punishable by death, and promises that his family will be stripped of a…

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Episode Discussion

LeonKennedy posted a year ago

Not too keen on the British accent...

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

Pretty decent start to the show.

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