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New York Strong

Vasiliy aids Navy SEALs trying to track down the Master, while Abraham and Quinlan try to translate the Lumen. Meanwhile, Eph returns to his home in the hopes that Zack will somehow make his way there, but Kelly arrives to make Eph an offer.

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By Gadfly on Aug 29, 2016

Twenty-three days after the strain as first unleashed, New York City is a war zone. On Mott Street in Chinatown, Navy SEALs burst into a building and find strigoi feeding on a woman. They gun the creatures down and then kill the woman before she can turn. Once they're done, they report that the first floor is clear. More soldiers move through the basement, taking out strigoi, and find a tunnel leading into the sewers. They call in Vasiliy, who is waiting outside, and is checking the tunnels thro…

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Episode Discussion

ElisaDiaz posted 6 years ago

it was a good start for the season, hopefully the rest of it will follow and prior mistakes will be fixed - Eph and Zack still going to be boring, though

JCuervo_a posted 6 years ago

I was a little lost at times, I didn't remember anything from last season haha : P
Very good start, though.

JuanArango posted 6 years ago

pretty ok start with some nice gory action :)

teros posted 6 years ago

Great start! Seems to be a great season!

GregClark posted 6 years ago

looking forward to probably the best show on tv this summer!!

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