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Bad White

Eph approaches Abraham to find out what the Lumen tells about the Master's weaknesses, and Quinlan suspects treachery. Meanwhile, Kelly tends to her captive son and arranges his introduction to the Master. And a desperate Eldritch offers Abraham a deal in return for the secret of the white.

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By Gadfly on Sep 5, 2016

In a lab at Harlem, a team of scientists are experimenting with captive strigoi and strigoi corpse. They extract the white "blood" from the strigoi and try to work on an antidote. One scientist, Dr. Wilson Kerry, warns the other that they'll be lucky to end up in jail. The assistant scientist, Dr. Amanda Edmonson, is unconvinced. They introduce the "cure" into an old woman suffering from vascular dementia. The test subject convulses and spikes, and Kerry shoots her in the head before she can tr…

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Episode Discussion

ElisaDiaz posted 6 years ago

Not too bad for a second episode, at least we didn't have to wait long for Eph's plans to be known. Quinlan seems a bit underused so far.

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