The Ghost

After the Sokovia Accords, S.H.I.E.L.D. is under new management. Jemma is advising the new Director, Coulson and Mack are in the field, Melinda is training an elite strike force, and Daisy has gone rogue taking down Watchdog resources. She comes across a mysterious serial killer known as "Ghost Rider" who is apparently the Spirit of Vengeance.... and will stop at nothing to get his grisly revenge.


By Gadfly on Sep 21, 2016

Four skinheads drive through the city in a truck after a robbery. Daisy puts on her clothing and wraps her hands. The two men in the back get their rifles out, and realize that it's coming. Something hits the hood and takes out the engine, and the truck screeches to a halt. A nearby light blows out, and the robbers look for something to shoot. They open fire on a nearby shop window, and Daisy drops down behind one man and takes him out. He collapses, bleeding from the chest, and says that…

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Episode Discussion

ShanePike posted 2 years ago

Well how do I get to watch it?

Dukewhite posted 2 years ago

Last season seemed like they really went on a tangent from what the show had been at its best. I like that they're back to being a legitimate SHIELD team of agents looking into a supernatural or unexplained event. No more mutant Inhuman hunting and operating as an isolated unit without the resources of SHIELD behind them. I have high hopes the series focuses on the agents encountering a different Marvel character each season, and Ghost Rider is just the first.

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

Had a very different vibe than before, was good, not sure if it will be as good as the last season tho.

ElisaDiaz posted 2 years ago

It was better than anything from last season, in my opinion, hopefully the can keep it up.

Aidan posted 2 years ago

Looks like they're taking advantage of their new later timeslot

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