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Oh Captain, My Captain

In a desperate ploy to undermine Renard, Nick has Eve cast a spell to transform him into the captain. Meanwhile, Diana reveals further powers, and Renard obtains a new ally that he can't afford to lose.

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By Gadfly on Jan 21, 2017

You will face yourself again in a moment of terror. Monroe enters the spice shop and then drops as a policeman shines a flashlight in the window. The officer tries the door, and after he goes Monroe runs down to the basement to tell the others. Hank advises Nick to leave and eve insists on going with him. Wu says that it's a good thing they're out of the station, and Hank tells them about Renard demanding their resignations. Nick takes the cloth and leaves with Eve. In her bedroom, Adalind…

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Episode Discussion

TimDavidCasey posted 7 years ago

Yea totally agree did not see that coming. It's unfortunate that this is the last season such a good show

WilsonMeister posted 7 years ago

Episode Closing was a total shocker, No Spoiler here; BUT Jaw Dropping anyway

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