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Oh Captain, My Captain Recap

You will face yourself again in a moment of terror.

Monroe enters the spice shop and then drops as a policeman shines a flashlight in the window. The officer tries the door, and after he goes Monroe runs down to the basement to tell the others. Hank advises Nick to leave and eve insists on going with him. Wu says that it's a good thing they're out of the station, and Hank tells them about Renard demanding their resignations. Nick takes the cloth and leaves with Eve.

In her bedroom, Adalind is looking at the ring Conrad gave her when Renard comes in. He tells her to worry about what happens to her, and that he expects a lot of support from her.

In the tunnels, Nick puts the cloth in the box with the stick. He then takes out the stick and looks at it briefly before putting it back in. Eve tells him that he's doing the right thing, and Nick tells her that he didn't want to put the stick back. She says that she can feel that he loves Adalind and walks off.

The next morning at the station, Hank and Nick are preparing to leave. Renard comes over and Hank gives him his resignation, and Wu says that it isn't right. Unimpressed, the captain says that he can resign or they'll escort him out, and Wu gives him his resignation. Wu starts to go after him, his face changing, but Hank stops him and says for Wu to get control of himself. After a moment, he does and Hank says that they're going.

Eve says that the symbols are the ones he saw on the Black Claw killer's face when he tried to drag her down to Hell. They wonder how Diana could see the symbols, and Eve reminds Nick of what his mother says about Diana's powers for good or evil. Nick hears Hank and Wu approaching, and they explain that they resigned. Eve points out that when he becomes mayor, Renard will have all of Portland under his control. Nick says that they'll get him to resign by using the spell to shapechange into Renard the same way that Eve took Rachel's place.

At the station, Jeremiah Rogers visits Renard and Renard insists that he had nothing to do with her murder. Jeremiah says that he was there the night of her murder and saw Renard leave Rachel's apartment. He tells Renard that he loved her and wants justice, and demands money from Renard to keep his mouth shut. Jeremiah gives him 24 hours to consider it and walks out.

Nick calls Adalind when she's at the park with the kids. He says that Eve is going to cast the spell, and they need some of Renard's hair. Adalind is to go home and get it, and Monroe will get it from her.

Renard meets with his new captain, Grossante, and says that he'll have to prove his loyalty to Renard. Grossante assures him that he's ready anytime.

At the spice shop, Rosalee gathers the components for the spell. Monroe wonders if it's a good idea, just as eve comes in. She tells him to get the hair from Adalind and return as soon as he can.

Jeremiah is at his office at home when there's a knock at the door. He grabs a gun and looks out the peephole to see Renard there. Renard holds up a suitcase and Jeremiah lets him in. Once Renard shows Jeremiah the money, he insists that he didn't kill Rachel and that he's not paying. He tells Jeremiah that he's paying, and a woged Grossante breaks Jeremiah's neck. Grossante woges back to his human form and Renard congratulates him on his promotion. He tells Grossante to clean up and leaves.

At home, Adalind collects some of Renard's hairs from his brush. Monroe calls and she tells him to come in, and then grabs a suit from Renard's closet for Nick. Monroe arrives and gets the items, and explains that Nick is turning into Renard. He tells Adalind that per Nick, she's to make sure that Renard stays home and watches the evening news. They see Renard pull up and Adalind has Monroe hide in the closet. Renard comes in to get a clean shirt, and explains that he killed a blackmailer. Adalind offers to get him a shirt out of the closet, and says that she sees blood in his hair. She tells him to take a shower, and that she's being nice to him because of his orders to cooperate. Once Renard starts the show, Adalind lets Monroe out and gets a clean shirt.

Nick returns to the spice shop and Rosalee calls Monroe just as Monroe arrives. He tells them what he overheard and gives Eve the hair. Eve starts to cast the spell, but Rosalee says that they should check the books and see if it's ever been done to a Grimm. Nick says that there's no time, and Eve tells Nick to take off his clothes because Renard is bigger than him. Once Nick undresses, he breathes in the spell through the hat and then collapses to the floor in agony as his form changes to Renard's. Renard's face is woged into his Zauberbiest form, and Eve tells him to calm down. Rosalee talks him through how to woge to fully human form. Nick then gets dressed in Renard's clothing.

With the evening news coming, Adalind suggests that Renard stay home and eat dinner, and discuss Diana. She brings up his education and warns that picking a place could have dangers. Renard has things to do and wants to leave, but finally agrees to stay.

The others give Nick advice on how to walk like Nick. Hank comes in and Nick pretends to be Renard, fooling him until he realizes who it is.

Renard tells Adalind that Diana's education is important to him but he has to go. Adalind tries to stall him, thanking him for staying to talk about their daughter. Nick-as-Renard comes on the TV and announces Renard's resignation to deal with the north precinct massacre. He claims that Nick was undercover investigating the murders and thanks Nick for his work. Adalind feigns ignorance, and Renard warns her that he'll kill her if he finds out she was involved.

Nick and Hank drive to the station and Wu is waiting for them. Adalind texts to say that Renard is on his way, and Hank and Nick tell Wu to stop Renard if he comes that way. They go into Renard's office and grab his computer and files, and Grossante comes in to talk about Jeremiah. Nick has no choice but to send Hank out, and Grossante reminds Nick of the deal. He says that he got rid of the body and proved his loyalty, and warns that they're going to have a problem if he doesn't take over the department. Grossante tells Nick that he killed a man in front of him, and Nick tells him to get the hell out of his office. The officer woges briefly and then says that he won't forget what happened and leaves. Hank comes back in and Nick moans in pain and warns that he's starting to change back.

As Nick and Hank head out the front door, the reports approach and start asking Nick questions.

Renard arrives in the parking garage and Wu tells him that he's already inside and things could get awkward if people see that there are two of them.

Nick tells the reporters that he plans to stay on as captain, and heaps praise on himself, Hank, and Wu. He quickly leaves and heads down to the parking garage with Hank. Nick says that he did the right thing and Renard starts to go for him, but the reporters come in and Nick leaves before they see two Renards. Renard insists that he's not abdicating and it wasn't him, but can't explain who it was.

The trio returns to the spice shop and Wu starts going through Renard's file. When Nick explains what happened, Eve says that the pain was the spell wearing off. Nick didn't revert back to normal because he's a Grimm.

Renard goes to his office and finds his things missing.

The team goes through the books to find a reversal effect. Renard calls and Eve has Nick say that the spell won't wear off until they come to an agreement. Nick points out that as long as there are two Renards running around, no one will ever believe the real one and they might lock him up. Renard says that they have to meet, and Nick says that they can meet on the roof of his loft. Once Nick hangs up, they realize that Renard will use Kelly against him and sends Hank to get the kids. Eve takes Nick's hand before he goes and tells him to be careful.

One Renard goes to the rooftop with a gun and finds the other one waiting for him. They both toss their guns away and start fighting. He two Wesen woge and keep fighting,

Rosalee suggests that they cast the spell again, but Eve warns that it won't work. Hank brings Adalind and the sleeping kids in, and they tell her that the spell didn't wear off. Adalind has them walk her through what they did.

The two Renards collapse, exhausted, and Renard demands his life back. Nick says that he already quit and there's no going back, and they point out that neither one of them have backup with HW and BC wiped out. The Grimm figures that they can blame the massacre on Conrad, because he was bribing them and got greedy. Then Renard resigned to investigate things. Renard realizes that he has no choice and Nick says that he, Hank, and Wu get their jobs back and Adalind comes with him. Disgusted, Renard tells him to take Adalind and Kelly while he shares Diana with Adalind, but warns that Diana loves him and would hate it if anything bad happens to him.

Adalind confirms that they did the spell right, and there's nothing they can do. Nick comes in and explains the deal. Adalind refuses to give Diana up, and Nick says that she'll have to share her with. They wonder if Nick is dead and Renard is posing as Nick posing as Renard. Adalind asks him where their first kiss was, and Nick answers correctly. Diana wakes up and she realizes that Nick isn't her father. She magically knocks him through a wall, and Adalind explains what happened. Nick writhes in pain and finally reverts to his normal form.

Renard returns home finds Meisner waiting for him.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 21, 2017

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