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The Six Thatchers

While waiting for Moriarty to make good on his beyond-the-grave threat, Sherlock is intrigued by cases of vandalism where the criminal is breaking open busts of Margaret Thatcher. He soon discovers that the vandalism is tied to Mary's past.

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By Gadfly on Jan 2, 2017

Sherlock meets with Mycroft and a government review board, and Mycroft informs the board that what he's about to show them is top-secret. Sherlock is Tweeting and Mycroft, realizing it, yanks his brother's phone away. Grabbing some gingernuts, Sherlock insists that he's clean and on a natural high. He questions the transcriptionist, asking what she would do if she were free, and one of the board members, Lady Smallwood, finally tells him to focus. Mycroft continues reviewing the video of Sherloc…

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Episode Discussion

kockasti posted 5 years ago

I was quite disappointed with this episode. It just does not stand up to the previous ones and it does not have the feel of a great detective mystery I was very anxious to submerge myself into.
Especially the ending was bad. Reminded me of those quasi-epic replicas from "Doctor Who" (which were actually the reason I stopped watching "the Doctor").

kanza posted 5 years ago

Great as always , love the episode . ummmm just one thing that i am starting to see me bothering is the abstractness of the scenes just throws you off.

SaadAkram posted 5 years ago

I have been waiting so long for this episode. Atlast !

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