The New Rogues

Taking the name of Jesse Quick and donning a mask, Jesse offers to help Barry against two metas, Mirror Master and Top. However, her inexperience puts her in danger and gets Flash trapped in a mirror. Meanwhile, Harry, Cisco, and Caitlin search the other Earths for a replacement for a Harry.


By Gadfly on Oct 26, 2016

Three Years Ago Sam Scudder checks his suit in a mirror, and asks his partner Rosalind Dillon how he looks. As they flirt, Len comes in and reminds them that he told them to sit on their cut until things cooled down. Sam points out that Len needed them to move into the big leagues, and doesn't care about Len's rules. He insists that no one in the city can stop them, and Len figures that they both want out. Len says that if they're out then they're out and goes for his gun. Sam and Rosalind ju…

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Episode Discussion

Aidan posted 2 years ago

Too bad Jesse left, a permanent sidekick would be fun.

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

This episode was really fun, love the interaction between the characters.

JAGUARDOG posted 2 years ago

I really loved this episode so much and I want to say it was the best Episode of this show ever! This show gets better and better every week!

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