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The New Rogues Recap

Three Years Ago

Sam Scudder checks his suit in a mirror, and asks his partner Rosalind Dillon how he looks. As they flirt, Len comes in and reminds them that he told them to sit on their cut until things cooled down. Sam points out that Len needed them to move into the big leagues, and doesn't care about Len's rules. He insists that no one in the city can stop them, and Len figures that they both want out. Len says that if they're out then they're out and goes for his gun. Sam and Rosalind jump Len and his assistant Leon Williams, and the four of them fight. Len finally knocks Sam into his mirror, picks up a gun, and prepares to shoot him. The dark matter explosion goes off, and Len and his team run for cover.

The energy sweeps through the warehouse, hitting Rosalind and Sam. Rosalind looks around for Sam but sees nothing but the mirror he fell on.


Workers are cleaning up the warehouse and pick up the mirror. One of them sees Sam's reflection briefly in the mirror. When he touches the surface, Sam grabs his throat and steps out of it, and demands to know where Len is.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry and Joe show the team the footage of Clariss dying. They figure that Alchemy did it, and Joe says that he's following up on Julian's investigation. Once he leaves, Jesse asks the team if he wants to train, and Harry says that they have to think about getting back to their world. His daughter says that she still has a lot to learn and Harry gives in, and Flash and Jesse run into the accelerator tube. She's able to keep up with Flash, and Harry wants to test her reflexes. Jesse trips and wipes out, but recovers her feet and exits with Flash. Barry says that it will take more than speed to take down some metas.

Back in the central core, Barry assures Jesse that it will take time to master h powers. She suggests that she and Wally go somewhere, and speeds off with him. Iris tells Barry she'll see him that night and heads back to the station. The others tell Harry that the team doesn't feel complete without him, and he says that there is a multiverse of Harrison Wells out there.

At the station, Nicolet approaches Joe with the file he requested. She warns that no one at the DA's office knows anyone about Alchemy, and figures that it's meta related. Cecile assures Joe that it was her pleasure helping him and walks away.

At the West house, Barry and Iris share a bottle of wine and she says that he's handsome. They kiss and fall back on the couch, but Joe comes in and Barry quickly superspeeds to pick everything up. Joe says that his plans changed and goes upstairs, ignore Barry's offer to have a drink. Once they're alone, Iris wonders why it matters if Barry kisses her in front of Joe, and insists that they're adults and can kiss where they want. She tells Barry that he should talk to Joe

Leon is working at a bar when Sam speaks out of nowhere, asking where Len is. Sam appears behind him and waits his request. When Leon says that he doesn't know, Sam grabs Leon and throws him into a nearby mirror. Leon goes through it and out the bar window, falling to the street below, and Sam says that he knows the girl to talk to.

The next day at the station, Leon tells Joe what happened. Once they're alone, Barry says that Len is gone and Sam won't find him. Joe heads to Iron Heights to talk to Rosalind, but Barry stops him and they both have an awkward conversation about Barry and Iris kissing. He asks if it's okay with Joe, and Joe says that he's an adult and should do what he has to do. Barry says that he's going to tell Iris that they talked and Joe tells him to do what he has to do.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry is building a satellite which will let them send out a tachyon beam to any Earth advanced enough to receive it. The transmission is a complex algorithmic cryptogram that will require all of the skills of a Harrison Wells like they need for the team. Cisco opens a breach with his powers and Harry transmits the signal.

Jesse takes Wally on a run and stops in downtown. She kisses him and Wally backs away. He says that he likes her but she's going home soon to another Earth. Jesse suggests that they stick to being friends and run off.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells the others about Sam and warns that that he can travel through mirrors. Harry says that they had a Mirror Master on their Earth, Ewan McCulloch, and dubs Sam Mirror Master. Cisco locates Rosalind, who is a meta with the ability to induce vertigo.

At Iron Heights, Joe and Cecile ask Rosalind if Sam visited her and if she knows who Sam is going after. Rosalind doesn't say anything and Joe thanks Cecile for setting up the interview. Sam appears in the cell, grabs Rosalind, and teleports through the reflective surface of the cell's window.

Later, Joe tells the others what happened. Harry figures that Sam can create wormholes through reflective surfaces, and Joe heads back to the station house. Pings come in from other Harrisons, and Harry, Cisco, and Caitlin go to check it out. Iris talks to Barry and confirms that he talked to Joe about them, and says that she'll see Barry that night.

At his new hideout, Sam tells Rosalind that he was stuck in the mirror for three years and no time passed for him. He realizes that Rosalind is a meta as well and asks for a demonstration, and she gives him a case of vertigo. She warns him that too much has changed, and Sam figures that they can stop Len. Rosalind says that Len is long gone, and Sam suggests that they take the city. She warns him that there's one person who can stop them: Flash.

Harry, Cisco, and Caitlin interview an Old West Harrison Wells via hologram. Harry gives him a pass, but the next two aren't any better. The next one figures that they need a genius, and sends them his CV. Cisco and Caitlin are impressed but Harry refuses and says that his gut is telling him his other self isn't the guy.

That night at the West house, Joe, Barry, Iris, Wally, and Jesse are watching a movie on TV. Barry avoids kissing her and Joe avoids looking, and Iris finally asks why they're being so weird. Joe insists that he's okay with it, and Iris asks why Barry has a problem with it. An alert comes in about Sam and Rosalind robbing a bank. Jesse asks Barry to come along with him, and he tells her to follow his lead.

At the bank, Mirror Master and Top kiss, and Flash and Jesse Quick confront them. Mirror Master says that Len's reign is over and he's taking over with Top as his queen. He goes through a mirror with Top and appears in a windowed skyscraper nearby. Flash tells Jesse to stay behind and races up the building, and then leaps after Mirror Master as he leaps out of the glass to another window. The two speedsters continue their pursuit, and Jesse comes to a rooftop where Top is waiting. She uses her power on Jesse, who falls off the edge of the building. Flash catches her and takes her to the sidewalk below, and Mirror Master grabs him and shoves him into a nearby window. Flash is trapped inside the window, unable to get out.

Jesse takes the window back to S.T.A.R. Labs and tells the team what happened. She blames herself for Barry being rapped, and walks out. Wally goes after her and the team hears Barry talking... in reverse. Cisco records his words and plays them backwards so that they can understand him. They figure that they need something really cold to slow the mirror's molecules down, and Cisco says that he can do something about it.

Jesse tells Wally that she thought she was ready but she isn't, and she ignored Barry's advice to stay behind. Wally insists that she's meant to do it and that's why she has superspeed and he doesn't. He admits that he didn't want to hang out with her because he was scared, and realized he doesn't want to be scare of that anymore as he kisses her.

Harry and Cisco rig the original Cold Gun and Harry warns that they may not be able to make the mirror cold enough. Cisco suggests that they send it to the other Harrisons, and Harry objects. When Cisco says that Harry doesn't like the idea of someone taking his place, Harry says that he doesn't like it and then he and Cisco both realize that they need a molecular decelerator.

Iris checks her butt in the mirror, and Barry admits that she's right about how he's been feeling nervous about the new dynamic between him, her, and Joe. He's never had what he wanted before, and it's scarier than having nothing. Barry insists that he wants to succeed, and Iris bursts into laughter. She says that it's weird talking to him through a mirror and wants to kiss him, and they agree to talk about it later. Barry says that it's like he's there but he's not, and then thinks of a way to stop Mirror Master.

Harry, Cisco, and Caitlin come back with the equipment and freeze the mirror. That doesn't get it cold enough, just as a metahuman alert comes off. They all go to check it out except Caitlin. She steps to the side of the mirror out of Barry's sight and uses her cold powers to make the mirror even colder.

As the team confirms that the bank was robbed, Barry comes in and sys that he's free. He says that he's going to us mirrors and an old friend to trick Sam.

Sam and Rosalind are at their old base when Len calls them and calls them out. Mirror Master and Top go to a carnival mirror maze where Captain Cold appears in a mirror and greets them. He walks away and appears in another mirror, and continues taunting them Mirror Master leaps through a mirror and attacks him, only to realize that "Captain Cold" is a hologram. Flash superspeeds forward to attack him.

Jesse Quick confronts Top, who sues her power on Jesse again. Jesse manages to speed forward and spin her around, and then punches her unconscious.

Flash speeds from mirror to mirror, and Mirror Master leaps into the mirrors and tries to grab him. The speedster shatters all of the mirrors, forcing Mirror Master out, and then surrounds him with more mirrors in a complete circle. When Mirror Master tries to escape, he emerges from another mirror in the circle. Flash explains that he's created an infinite reflective loop and handcuffs his opponent.

The next day at the police station, Barry, Joe, and Cecile monitor Sam and Rosalind at Iron Heights. Joe thanks Cecile for her help, and she suggests that they grab dinner. Joe points out that he has movie night with his kids and asks for a rain check, and a disappointed Cecile agrees. Once she leaves, Barry comes over and Joe says that Barry isn't the only one who gets nervous.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco opens a breach to the world of the last Harrison they interviewed, H.R. He tells Harry that he's handsome, and Harry introduces himself and the others. Harry and Jesse prepare to leave, and Cisco assures Harry that there's only one of him. As they hug, Harry says that their equipment doesn't work and they didn't get Barry out of the mirror. Meanwhile, Jesse tells Barry and Wally that she'll be back, and Cisco opens a breach to their world. Harry starts to tell them what to never do, but is sucked through the portal before he can complete his sentence.

That night, Barry returns home and finds Joe and Iris having fast food. He and Iris kiss, and Joe admits that it's going to take a while to get used to it. Barry suggests that he should probably get his own place, and they both immediately agree.

Caitlin returns home and takes a shower. Her powers go off, freezing the water. Afterward, she looks at herself in the mirror and realizes that some of her hair has turned white and her lips blue.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 26, 2016

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