The Dominators abduct Oliver, Thea, Sara, Diggle, and Ray, and imprison them in a shared hallucination giving each of them what they want most. Meanwhile, Felicity calls in Cisco, Flash, and Supergirl to help Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, and Ragman find a piece of stolen technology they need to locate their missing comrades.


By Gadfly on Dec 1, 2016

Oliver runs through the forest... and finishes his jog at Queen Manor. He shows with his fiancée--Laurel Lance—and they kiss. She says that Sara will be there soon and goes to get dressed. ----- In a chamber, Oliver is unconscious inside of a pod with Sara, Diggle, ray, and Thea nearby. At the bunker, Rory, Curtis, and Rene wait for Felicity to arrive after she tells them that Diggle and Oliver were abducted by aliens. She arrives with Cisco, who explains that he is going to use his met…

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Episode Discussion

GSwarthout posted 2 years ago

One of the all time best episodes of Arrow!

JAGUARDOG posted 2 years ago

Yes I totally agree with you on that Kanza. This is the 1st episode I have watched of this series since season 1 because I hate all the flashbacks it has. I am not a fan whatsoever of flashbacks on any show or in any Movie regardless of the reason it just destroys the continuity of the running story in my opinion and is very distracting! I only watched this episode because I love this Alien story-line, part 4 tonight, can't wait!

If this show ever stops with it's flashbacks maybe next season, I could get into this show I think? I know flashbacks are a part of the backstory line but I could care less about all that!

kanza posted 2 years ago

Errr..... this crossover was going pretty well till they decided to throw this Soup/opera of an episode , not a great move on behalf of this show.

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