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Invasion! Recap

Oliver runs through the forest... and finishes his jog at Queen Manor. He shows with his fiancée--Laurel Lance—and they kiss. She says that Sara will be there soon and goes to get dressed.


In a chamber, Oliver is unconscious inside of a pod with Sara, Diggle, ray, and Thea nearby.

At the bunker, Rory, Curtis, and Rene wait for Felicity to arrive after she tells them that Diggle and Oliver were abducted by aliens. She arrives with Cisco, who explains that he is going to use his metahuman vibe power to locate their missing teammates. Felicity gets Cisco one of Oliver's old bows, while Rene complains that Cisco is one of the metahumans. Once he touches the bow, Cisco gets a vibe vision of the Dominators' base, and their five teammates in the pods. Curtis and Felicity suggest that if they have some of the alien tech then they could download the location, and Cisco gives them a piece he obtained from the Dominator ship that crashed in Central City.


Thea gives Oliver a hosen as his wedding gift, and Moira and Robert come in. Moira says that they're both different people then they were ten years ago, just as maid comes in. She spills a vase, and Oliver instinctively catches it.

That night, Laurel helps Sara unpack and Sara admires her sister's canary necklace. Sara gets sudden flash of memory, but then shrugs it off, hugs Laurel, and says that she missed her.

Robert and Oliver leave the tuxedo shop, and Robert reminds him that he gets sworn in as mayor in two months and hasn't found a replacement as Queen Industries CEO. He insists that the company should stay in the family, but Oliver wants to make his own name. Robert warns that the board will accept Ray's buyout offer if Oliver doesn't take the position. As they talk, Oliver looks at the nearby Smoak Industries building and gets an odd sensation. A mugger draws a gun on them, and Oliver steps forward. Before he can do anything, The Hood drops down from the rooftops, takes out the mugger, and leaves.

Back at the manor, Robert tells Laurel and Thea what happened. As they talk, Oliver has flashes of his original life and Robert killing himself. He goes out to get some air and says that he'll see them at the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.


Curtis gets one of his sphere processors and plug in their power source. It overloads, and Felicity figures that they need a regulator. Curtis remembers that Van Horn Industries was working on a prototype, and Felicity confirms that Dr. Laura Washington has already stolen it. She's been placing technology in her body, giving her enhanced strength, stamina, and electricity-based powers, and Felicity calls for reinforcements.


At the station, Oliver approaches Quentin. Quentin says that they captured the mugger thanks to the Hood. Oliver remembers more of his original life as the Hood, and Quentin tells him not worry about the Hood on the night of his wedding. He wonders if Oliver is getting cold feet, and Oliver assures him he isn't. Oliver says that he'll meet Quentin at the restaurant, and Quentin tells him that he has grown into a hell of a man since his teenage years and he's proud to have him as his son-in-law. Before he goes, Oliver stares at a map for the city and the spot where his bunker is located.

At the restaurant, Sara tells Laurel that Oliver will be there. Laurel isn't convinced but his sister assures her that it's normal. Ray is there as a guest and comes over to offer his congratulations. When Sara sees him, she gets a flash of the Ray she knows, and Ray says that she looks very familiar.

Oliver goes to his campaign office, now abandoned, and takes the elevator down to the bunker. Felicity is there and yells that they have an unauthorized entry, and the Hood drops down. Oliver manages to catch his first blow, but the vigilante easily knocks him out.

When Oliver wakes up, the Hood demands to know how he found the place. He tells Oliver to get out, and says that no one can know his secret. Oliver realizes that it's Diggle and says who he is, as he remembers his original life with Diggle. Diggle lets him go and removes his hood, and Olive says that Diggle used to be his bodyguard. His friend says that he came back to atone for what happened in the military, and Oliver insists that it isn't right. He says that Diggle killed Andy, and Diggle slams him to the floor and tells him to go back to his family. Diggle shoves Oliver into the elevator, saying that he's got everything, and tells him to stop trying to throw it away.


Wild Dog, Ragman, and Mr. Terrific meet with Flash. Supergirl flies down and Wild Dog says that he's had enough and goes into the factory. Flash and Supergirl go after him, and Wild Dog says that more metahumans and aliens have shown up since they appeared, and doesn't want anything to do with them. As he goes on ahead on his own, Laura blasts him with electricity.


Moira helps Thea put on her bridesmaid dress, and Thea assures her that she's never been happier. As they hug, Thea remembers watching Moira's murder and pulls away, shocked.

Oliver goes to see Laurel, who is putting on her wedding dress with Sara. He asks Sara to leave, and Laurel complains that he skipped out on the rehearsal dinner. Oliver suggests that something is going on and he just wants to be with her, and suggests that they elope. He repeats what Diggle said about having everything, and worries that he'll give it up. Laurel reminds him that they have over 200 guests coming, and Oliver says that the only thing that makes sense that he loves her, and he's going to take the CEO position and be the man she fell in love with. Diggle comes in and asks to talk to Oliver alone.

Diggle and Oliver go out on the lawn and Diggle asks him if he's also felt strange when he's seen Smoak Technologies. Felicity has said that she never owned a building or a company, and when Oliver left he started having memory flashes. Diggle drew one of the memory flashes and shows Oliver the sketch... of a Dominator. Oliver begins to realize that he never got onto Queen's Gambit, and warns Diggle that their captors are going to push back. Deathstroke steps out of the trees, sword drawn, and attacks them. He manages to take them both down, but Sara arrives, disarms Deathstroke, and runs him through with his own sword.

The trio goes into the manor, and Diggle and Oliver explain what they've been experiencing. Sara doesn't believe them, but Oliver has her think back to the last thing she remembers before arriving at the manor. She remembers the fight and five of them being teleported away. Sara confirms that other two were Ray and Thea, and Diggle figures that the Smoak Technologies building is the key to them escaping their shared hallucination.


Laura refuses to hand over the regulator and opens fire on Wild Dog. As she prepares to kill him, Flash whisks him out of the way and then beats Laura at superspeed. Supergirl arrives and takes over, and the two of them knock the villainess out. Terrific and Ragman arrive, and Wild Dog thanks the two superheroes for the save. He admits that it's good that there are people like them if there are going to be superpowers.


At the party, Malcolm is talking with Thea and says that her father should be proud. Sara talks to Ray, who is there with his fiancée Felicity, and asks him if things feel weird. Ray realizes that his fiancée was Anna, not Felicity. Meanwhile, Oliver comes in and tells his parents that he needs to speak to Thea. Robert tells him to calm, and worry that if things won't finish well if Oliver keeps up his unstable behavior. They insists that it's Oliver's life now, and he says that it isn't and hugs them, crying. He apologizes and goes over to Thea and Sara. Thea says that she doesn’t want to go, insisting that it's better than their real lives. Oliver says that he wants them to be his parents, but they're not.

Diggle and Ray are waiting outside, and Oliver sends Sara to go with them. He then tells Thea that they can't stay there, but she figures that the only thing waiting for them is pain and suffering. Oliver says that they have people who count on them, but Thea figures that the people with actual powers can handle matters in the real world. She suggests that it's Oliver's reward for all of the sacrifices he's made, and Oliver says that he didn't make the sacrifices for a reward and there' so much more to do. He begs Thea to come with him because he can't do it alone, but Thea says that she can't lose her family again. Oliver hugs her and wishes her well, and says that loves her.

Oliver meets Sara, Diggle, and Ray outside and tells them that Thea is staying. He figures that the Dominators built in safeguards: manifestations from their memories designed to keep them there. Malcolm, Deathstroke, Damien, and Marikaru soldiers arrive to block their escape. Thea joins her teammates and tells Oliver that she can't lose her family again.

The two sides clash and Malcolm tells Thea that her real father is still alive. Damien attacks Sara, while Oliver takes on Deathstroke. Diggle is wounded and Ray is forced to grab a gun and kill one of the Marikaru soldiers. Thea and Sara take out Malcolm and Damien, and Sara tosses a discarded bow to Oliver. He shoots Deathstroke dead, and they realize that they've one. Laurel comes out and calls to Oliver. Sara tells her sister that she can't explain but they have to go. She hugs Laurel and says something can't be fixed, and Oliver apologizes and tells Laurel that the person she fell in love with isn't him, and she always deserved better. He kisses her and says that he loves her, and then walks off.

The five heroes arrive at Smoak Technologies and find a glowing portal. As the others go in, Moira, Felicity, Tommy, Laurel, and Robert others appear and say that he's a hero, and this time they had to save him. Crying, Oliver nods to them and enters the portal.

In the Dominator base, Oliver and the others escape and leave their pods. Roy spots something and tells the others that they have to see it.

At the bunker, Curtis confirms that the regulator worked but he got nothing useful back. Rory recognizes it as Gemathia, the numerology of the Torah. He explains that in Hebrew each letter has a numeric value. Using the information, Felicity translates the download and finds a set of coordinates. She discovers that the coordinates have negative numbers.

Oliver and the others realize that they're aboard a spacecraft. They make their way through the hallways, avoiding the Dominator crew, and Ray works out the way out. They come to a group of Dominators, and Oliver grabs a nearby alien weapon and opens fire. The heroes retreat and get to the hangar bay. They board a fighter and Thea works out how to activate it. They head for Earth, and dozens of Dominators come after them, shooing. Waverider arrives, scatters the Dominator fighters, and takes the heroes' fighter aboard. Nate greets them and says that Felicity sent him the coordinates.

Ray explains that the tech the Dominators probed their subconscious while they kept them in the hallucination. He figures that they were chosen because they're not metahumans, and has Gideon translate a phrase that Ray heard to, "We are nearing completion of the weapon." The ship they escaped from is on a direct course for Earth.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 1, 2016

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